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Some of you are wondering about what I wrote about coconut oil – how can it be so healthy if it’s a saturated fat? Well, we’ve been fed a line about the role of fats in our diet, and what constitutes a healthy fat. I’m not going to write about it, since there is so much written that documents this very important point. Instead, I’ll share with you a site that is the most helpful site I’ve found about nutrition.

Here’s a link for a bunch of articles about fats – Warning – many of these articles are scientific in nature, and don’t make quick and easy reading. But they are really worth the time; they weren’t written to do a quick sell on some ideas, but to put forth scientifically documented facts.

Reading all of this research meant that I had to totally redefine my idea of what was healthy – we now use butter, coconut oil, and animal fat for most of our cooking. These used to be things I stayed as far away from as I could! I now use as few vegetable oils as possible, the exception being virgin olive oil in salads. Most of the vegetable oils that you buy in the supermarket (sunflower, canola, safflower, soy, vegetable) are all processed and inherently bad for your health. That’s not to say I don’t use them at all – I do still use them when I bake yeast breads (for quick breads I use coconut oil) – but I don’t fool myself that they are good for us. They are just cheaper and sometimes easier than alternatives that are actually beneficial for you.

Happy reading!


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