This week’s menu

Every week I try to plan out the menu for the coming week.  This saves me lots of time since I don’t have to spend lots of time thinking about what to make at the last minute, or run out to buy an ingredient here or there.  Since I know at the beginning of the week what I’ll be making, I include it in my regular shopping trip.  This also saves money, since I don’t have to resort to costly convenience foods.  And maybe best of all, it adds to a relaxed home environment, since I’m not stressed out trying to think about what to make at the last minute, and the kids have regular healthy meals, which keeps them happier, too!

 Quite a while ago, I posted a sample menu, and at that time I received requests for more sample menus.  My menus change from week to week and season to season, but here is the menu for this week.  It takes into account a recent change I made, which is to cook an extra large amount for dinner so that it leaves me with plenty to serve for lunch the next day.  I did this since I was preparing three meals a day every day, and it was getting overly time consuming.  So the menu below only lists breakfast and dinner meals.

Sun – b – potatoes and shredded cheese; d – chili cornbread pie

Mon – b – cottage cheese pancakes; d – hot dog hash

Tues – b – eggs and potatoes; d – fish casserole

Wed – b – corn fritters; d – spinach and cheese calzones

Thur – b – pumpkin bread; d – lentil tomato soup

Fri – b – baked oatmeal

Friday night begins our weekend menu plan, so it’s not included here.


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