Weekly menu plan

Here is this week’s menu – most dinners are supplemented by salads or cooked vegetables:

Sun: b – pancakes; d – chicken soup with rice

Mon: b- farmer’s breakfast casserole; l – lentils and rice; d – beef stir fry

Tues: b – biscuits and gravy; d – salmon patties, mashed potatoes

Wed: b – corn muffins; d – lasagna

Thurs: b – rice pudding; d – oat walnut burgers

Fri: b – banana bread; l – leftovers

Dh has a friend who is opening a new restaurant, and is having a ‘trial run’ tonight for friends before they officially open the doors this week.   We were invited, and though eating out isn’t my favorite activity (I have a hard time not thinking how much less the same dishes cost when I make them at home :)), I’m looking forward to an evening with dh, which we haven’t had for a while.


2 thoughts on “Weekly menu plan

  1. In the post you mention rice pudding. Do you use brown rice? I love rice pudding but most of my recipes (except for one) call for white rice. Can you share your rice pudding recipe? Thanks!

    1. I only use brown rice. I use a typical rice pudding recipe and have adapted it for my own use; I’ll try to remember to share it after Pesach.

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