Reorganizing storage area

It seems like there’s always another area of the house ready to be reorganized!  This time, it was our small storage room in the basement, and it was a very big project.

We were offered a number of metal utility shelving units that I thought would be perfect to better organize that small storage room.  Not only do I keep business supplies there, it’s also the area where I keep my food storage, canning jars, canned food, etc.  Because there are so many different kinds of things in there, keeping it organized is an ongoing effort.  (And someone in my family who will remain unnamed thinks that a legitimate way to clean the main area of the house is to make piles of things, and then dump them into that room. :(  It doesn’t make it easier to keep in order, I can tell you!)

When I saw these shelves, I thought how much easier it would make to keep everything in order, so we picked them up Thursday noon, and spent most of Thursday putting them back together.  (And the owner of the restaurant who was giving them to us insisted that my two boys and I come in for lunch, at her expense – ‘because they’re working so hard’.  I kind of laughed and told her that she has no idea how hard I work them, because this is nothing compared to a lot of what I ask them to do.  She told me she’d heard about other things they’ve done from my dh, and knows that’s true!  We did end up accepting her lunch offer and enjoyed it very much – but didn’t tell any of the other kids about it when we got home, since they would have felt bad they weren’t there.) 

Before we could put them into the storage room, I had to take out every single thing that was in that area.  The mess in my basement was horrendous for a couple of days, with everything piled everywhere, until we got the new shelving in and starting putting stuff on it.  Now the basement is still a mess, but it’s a regular sized mess, and I hope to get it all finished in the next day.  The storage room looks great – the walls are lined with these freestanding metal shelving units, so now I can use the space from the ceiling to the floor. 

I love being organized!


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