New family photo is now up!

I just added the new family photo to the ‘About Us’ page (look at top right of screen for link).  I was only able to add it as a thumbnail so it’s showing up pretty small – you’ll have to click on it once or twice to see it larger.

My goal in having a family photo is for everyone to have their eyes open and something like a smile on their face.  Forget about the toddler and baby looking at the camera when the picture is being taken!  It’s a lot of people to coordinate, and most of my kids aren’t happy with how they look in this picture.  But I told them that a family picture means it looks fine overall, and it can look nice even if each person doesn’t look their best.

So for any of you wondering what we look like, there we are!  The back row is dh, 12 yodd, me, 13.5 yodd, 15 yods, 2 yods.  Front row is: 6 yods, 1 yods, 9.5 yods, 7.5 yodd.  Now you can put faces to who I write about.  :)


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