Today’s little miracle

Today it was pouring outside all day long!  Ever since I started gardening, I’m in tune with the weather in a different way than I used to be.  I now think more about if it’s good for my garden than if it’s convenient for me.  So usually when it rains, I think how glad I am that the watering is being done for me!

Our basement flooded a bit as a result of the heavy rains, though.  On Friday, I finally finished up organizing the entire basement (I told you I reorganized the storage room in the basement, and a bunch of stuff got shifted to the main area when I was cleaning up).  It was such a nice feeling to know that despite the inch of water in my house, nothing was left on the floor that could have been damaged – and before yesterday, there would have been plenty.  So I’m very grateful that all that really was affected was the pile of unwashed laundry on the laundry room floor.  And that’s not a very big deal, since it has to get washed anyway! :)

Have you noticed when you start looking, that you’ll find small miracles like this happening all the time?  Life is so good!


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