Trusting good to come your way

I’ve been getting a huge amount of spam from one particular post I wrote in the summer, and I finally decided to delete it since I don’t see how to avoid the 20 – 100 spam responses I get daily in response to this post only.  But since in that post I shared what is an integral part of my attitude towards life, I’m reposting it here, under a different title.  I can’t figure out what about this post triggered so much spam, but the companies I was spammed by all begin with the same letter that one of the title words start with – I know, that sounds like an unlikely connection, but it’s worth a try!  And if the spam continues, I’ll have to decide if I’ll delete it permanently or if it’s worth it to deal with the spam. 

I wrote this response the day after a very productive food shopping trip for the month, and have edited out the beginning of that post. 


I believe that when you trust that good things will happen to you, good things flow into your life.  I have so much joy when I go shopping for food and find so many wonderful things for my family while staying within my financial constraints.  Before I shop, I ask G-d to help me find what I need, and He always does!  Every month, I used to feel very grateful, while simultaneously wondering how I was going to ‘pull the rabbit out of the hat’ this month, since it seemed so unlikely that I could be able to again find what I needed at the prices I needed.  But one day, I realized that it’s not me finding the deals, it’s G-d sending them to me.  I have to do my part and do the looking, but if I see the deals or not isn’t in my hands.  The rest is up to Him. 

Often people will speak as though it’s impossible to manage with rising food costs, that there’s no choice but to tighten your belt and suffer.  How it’s impossible to have quanity, quality, and stay within a budget.  How I’m just lucky because I live in an area with cheap food prices (false assumption since I’m actually on the expensive eastern corridor).  All focused on the negative, on the lack, on their certainty that there’s no way things could be better.  So I rarely share anymore how we manage to shop for a family of 10 and spend $600 on food monthly, eat only healthy foods, buy very large amounts of food (including fruits and vegetables), have teenagers and guests, while being limited by kosher restrictions – except here.  That’s because I’ve seen most people would rather have someone commiserate with them than change the way they look at things, or believe that more is possible than what they see in front of them. 

When I sometimes share my good deals that I find with you, it’s not only because of the fun of getting something for much less than most people think possible.  It’s also so that you can see what is possible – once you know something is possible, then you’ll have your eyes open to things you might not have noticed before, and it’s much more likely you’ll be amazing yourself with your special finds!

Try it – try focusing on all that is good in your life.  (I shared with you about the area of my food budget, but I think it’s a principle that applies in all areas.)  Believe that more good things are on their way to you.  And see what happens. :)


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