Weekly menu plan

Here’s the menu for this week:

Sunday – breakfast – eggs, fried potatoes; lunch – rice crackers, butter, homemade jam; dinner – chicken lima bean stew

Monday – b – oatmeal muffins; l – broccoli-zucchini quiche (plan to double this and put one in the freezer); d – minestrone soup, corn cakes (made double last week)

Tuesday – b – fritata ranchera; l – minestrone soup; d – vegetarian meatloaf

Wednesday – b – pumpkin streusel muffins; l – colcannon; d – honey baked lentils, cornbread

Thursday – b – traditional pancakes; l – vegetable chicken stew; d – CORN

I try to plan not only with what’s in my pantry in  mind, but with my leftovers in mind.  That avoids lots of leftovers at the end of the week, and it also turns something old into something new and different.  For example, when I made the chicken lima bean stew for dinner tonight, I decided to use the leftover cholent in place of the potatoes it called for.  The stew doesn’t look anything like cholent, but it used up something that otherwise could have sat around all week and then gotten thrown away on Friday.


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