Time to get your taxes done

I thought a friendly reminder about getting your taxes done now would be in order.  I know, I know, who wants to come to my blog to be reminded about taxes??  But it’s very freeing to have them done ahead of time.  We filed ours two days ago, and I’m glad to have it done before there’s any last minute rush.

In addition to the nice feeling of getting something big that has to be done out of the way, there’s also an economic reality to be aware of.  I hate to sound like the voice of doom, but if you have fun following national economic news like me, you know that things aren’t looking good right now financially for a bunch of states.  And you probably also know that so far, two states aren’t going to be sending out tax refunds, just IOUs.

Hopefully, those will be the only two.  But as the saying goes, better one bird in the hand than two in the bush.  So get in line early and get your taxes done. If you have a refund coming to you, it’s a lot more likely you’ll get it if you file taxes sooner rather than later, if trouble arises for your state.  If you do live in a state that ends up having trouble honoring their commitment to give you back the money you’ve lent them interest-free all year (can you tell how extremely unimpressed I am by governmental financial management?), you’ll be glad to have your funds back in your account rather waiting for your state government to miraculously find money they don’t have. 


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