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Months ago I heard about a great online source for prescription glasses, but didn’t have the necessary information to place an order. Getting the info meant contacting my optometrist, but because it wasn’t a priority I didn’t do it right away.  When a couple of weeks ago I took my ds15 for his yearly check up, it seemed like a good time to get the details for the prescription for myself, my dd14, and ds15. 

That day I ordered glasses for ds through the office I was at (he wanted the designer frames that were $225, but that’s not what I agreed to), but got online once I was home to see about what was involved in placing an order for dd and me.  I wanted to get a back up pair for her, and the anti-reflection coating on mine was scratched, so I wanted something new, but didn’t want to pay over $100 since except for the scratches, they’re fine. 

The site I ordered from is  I couldn’t believe how astonishingly easy it was to order the glasses, once I had the necessary details.  And the prices are amazing – they start at $8 a pair.  So of course I started looking first at the least expensive ones.  :)  I paid $12.95 for mine for a full rim metal alloy frame (there was an extra $4.95 fee for the anti reflective coating), and $8 for dd for a two tone plastic frame with an incised pattern on the temples.  Shipping was $4.95, so it was under $26 for both pairs. 

Of course the day after I ordered the glasses, dd’s glasses frame broke. (This isn’t a one time event :)).  She was able to glue them and still use them in the meantime (and I can get them replaced for free from the eye doctor when I find the time to get over there), but we were both looking forward to the order arriving.  It took two weeks from the time I placed the order to the time they arrived on my doorstep. 

While I was selecting my glasses, I was very tempted to order another couple of pairs for myself (one as a backup, one as prescription sunglasses to use when driving in the summer), but thought it prudent to get the first pair and see how they were before committing to more.  They came today, and I’m thrilled!  Three times I’ve tried to have the ones I bought from the optometrist adjusted, and despite that they still slide down my nose.  But I popped these $13 glasses on, and they fit perfectly!  It’s a strange feeling to put glasses on and have them stay right where I put them. :)  Dd’s also fit well and look good, with no need for adjustment.  The glasses are comparable in quality to the ones we’ve been buying for years for significantly more from the eye doctor. 

To be able to buy glasses online, you need to have an eye exam done, and know the prescription details, including pupillary distance (the site explains everything very clearly).  My prescription has stayed the same over the last few years, and dd had an eye exam (along with new glasses) in the summer, so we had the up to date details on record. If you’re a glasses wearer, or one of your kids is, you owe it to yourself to check out this possibility.  I’ve always felt that the expense of glasses was unavoidable, so it’s really fun to learn that it’s not!


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