Contest – need new blog name!

I’ve been wanting to move my blog away from my business site to an independent  blog site for quite some time, for various reasons.  And since we’re starting a new year, now seems to be the right time to do it. I’ve thought of several names, but none of them seem to be just right to me.  I’m looking for something that includes all of what I share here – not just homeschooling, parenting, or frugal living.

So I decided to ask all of you for feedback – what does this blog represent to you?  How would you sum it up, with a blog name and a tagline?  (For example, my business site is called Vibrant Moms, the tagline is Real Support for Real Moms.)  To help get your creative juices flowing, I’ll be giving a $25 Amazon gift card to the person whose idea I use.  You can submit as many ideas as you want, however specific or general they are – post whatever bursts of inspiration you have in the comments section of this post so I can keep track of who suggests what. :)  To give everyone time to think about it, I’ll make the final decision right after Yom Kippur, on Sep. 29.

Thank you all in advance for your help – I’m really looking forward to tapping into your creative energy!


28 thoughts on “Contest – need new blog name!

  1. Nourished Living – A Traditional Approach to Life

    Homestead Living – A Torah-True Way to Live

    Hmm, my creative juices aren’t flowing so well right now. You do so much, how to wrap it all up?? I like the above name and tagline! :)

  2. I was just thinking that you should get a seperate website and then I see this. Not to copy Chava, but my first thought was:
    Nourishing Your Family- a traditonal woman in a not so traditional time

    Back to Mothering-reclaiming our role as teacher and healer of our family

  3. I think you need a site with a search feature, for sure!!!

    Another suggestion, hmm

    Traditional Homemaking – The Lost Art of Running a Home

    Torah Homemaking – The Traditional Art of Running a Home

    Argh, you do too much to be contained in a tagline! :) I like the idea of adding “Torah” or something to do with Judaism in it, but your blog, I’m sure, helps tons of non-Jews as well. (I still like the idea of it though) :)

    Quick question – do you have family binders or notebooks? I’m interested in starting one, but I’m having a hard time getting going.,

  4. A)I thought it might make it easier for more people to locate you and you would probably get more traffic b/c your amazing blog is hidden on your business site.
    B)Also, my main source of internet is quick moments on my phone every now and then and so for me it would be easier to get to your site without having to go to vibramtmoms and then clicking on blog. It could be one direct stop!
    c)your blog has very little to do with nursing.

    had it not been for imamother. I am not sure how I would have found you, but glad I did!

  5. Vibrant Moms – Traditional Living for the Whole Family

    Another random question – how do you keep your recipes organized, generally speaking? Thanks!

    And thanks for the tip, mamamoomoo!

  6. I told my kids about the contest and now they’re thinking of ideas, too! I decided that there are so many good ideas that in addition to the gift certificate for the blog name/tagline that I use, I’ll send an mp3 file of the workshop of your choice (from a selection of 8)from those given at the Torah Homeschool Conference to everyone else who contributes an idea -I can’t see all these great ideas being generated and not do something to recognize them!

    Here’s a submission from my family: Timeless Homemaking- Integrated Living in a Fractured World.

  7. Mix and match – all the names and taglines below can be mixed and matched….just a few ideas:

    Shmooze: (Everyday) Conversations with an Experienced Mother.

    Enlightened Motherng: Enjoy your Essential Role as a Wife and Mother

    Mothering Today: Practical Advice for Everyday Mothering

    The Most Important Garden: Planting and Growing a Happy Family
    Roses: Planting, Growing, Nourishing a (healthy) Happy Family amidst the “Thorns” of LIfe

    It is Possible or Endless Possiblities: Things you never thought you could do, made simple and easy

    VitaMom: Vitamins for Every Mom

    MomBoost or VitaMom or Daily Dose or Daily Inspiration: Daily Dose of Inspiration for improving your life as a Mother (and Role Model)

    Instruction Manual: Living Life and writing your Own Manual

    Five Minutes: Five Minutes a day to a Healthier, More Inspired Life

    Can you tell you inspire me??! :o) Keep up the great work, under any name!!

  8. I am not sure how you plan to create the website, but are you looking to see if the domain names are available for these possible titles?

  9. I’ll be using a standard blogging platform – chances are very good that the name I want will be available or can be slightly changed to be available.

  10. Chava – no, I don’t really use any family notebooks or binders – I did at one point (for a year) and it was useful, but have simplified the aspects that were most useful and use my daily planner to help me stay organized.

    Recipe organization –

    The new blog will definitely have a search capacity – this is a blog add on to the regular site so it doesn’t have all the features of a regular blog – I know being able to search past posts would be helpful and look forward to having that!

  11. F.A.M.I.L.Y. blog- farming, accounting, mothering, ideas, learning at home, and you-name-it. or vary what the acronyom could stand for- m= money, f=food preservation, i=interests, etc etc etc

  12. also- about recipe organization- i bought a few binders and loads of clear sheet protecters. i slip the recipes inside of the clear sheets, and that way when i slop food all over the paper while i’m cooking, i can just wipe it off easily. i made each binder a different category- i have soups, desserts, main courses, etc. i love this system- it is easy to maintain and easy to change. that’s what works for me…

  13. I read these all to my husband, and he said they’re all so good that I could easily choose any one of them! Now how am I going to choose….

    Julie, I’m posting your comments under that post also so it will be there for the record. :)

  14. Hello. I’m new to your blog and have only read a few posts, mostly pertaining to home making and home-schooling. So, apologies if my ideas are not encompassing enough of all that is going on here. For what it’s worth:

    Made in Home – Best Things are Homemade (home-birth, home-schooling, home-cooking, home-healing and more)

    A Woman of Valor – Empowering Insights to Running Your Home with Wisdom, Love and Efficiency

    WAHM – the Womanly Art of Home Making

    No Place Like Home – To Be Born/Fed/Schooled/Healed at

  15. Welcome, Devorah, and thank you for your suggestions! Your ideas are wonderful and you seem to have pretty quickly gotten a sense about what I share on.

    I’m going to have to delay announcing the new name by a couple of days since my home computer is down (the joy of having teenagers using the computer), since I don’t have enough time at the public library computer to do what I need to do. Sorry about that, but please bear with me!

  16. Avivah’s Eitzah – Homemade the Torah Way!

    And this is my cynical one-

    Avivah’s Homemade Life- How an Eishet Chayil surpasses Martha [Stewart], Eve [Balfour], Peggy [O’Mara], and Ina May [Gaskin]. 😛

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