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I hope everyone had a wonderful Shabbos!  My husband was away and we all missed him, but the kids and I had a nice Shabbos nonetheless.  We’re glad to have him home, though!

Shabbos – dinner – challah, chicken soup, chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, baked eggplant, green bean salad, brownies; lunch – cholent, kishke, chicken, potato kugel, coleslaw, green bean salad, cashew butter balls  (I didn’t write the menu in my planner this week so I’m going by memory and know I’m leaving things out)

Sunday – breakfast – pumpkin pudding; lunch – creamy cauliflower cheese soup; d – going to bar mitzva

Monday – b- coconut mango pancakes with cream; l – cornmeal fritters, salad; d – beef stew, green bean salad

Tuesday – b – chocolate zucchini muffins; d -West African stew

Wednesday – b- quinoa porridge; l – West African stew; d – meat stir fry

Thursday – b – date scones with whipped cream; d – CORN

I liked how it worked last week not to plan all the lunch meals in advance, since I kept finding that I wasn’t cooking everything as scheduled because using up what we already had was taking priority.  Last week I had so many  leftovers to start the week that they significantly contributed to the first three dinners of the week.  This week I don’t have quite so much, but I’m going to leave a couple of lunch meals unscheduled for this week.

Every week when I post my menu, I think how simple and boring it looks.  But our meals really aren’t boring at all!  There’s always much more on the table that what I write down here.  So in case you’re looking at this and wondering how our kids don’t pine away from starvation, rest assured that they’re getting plenty to eat!  I generally just list the main dish for each meal.


9 thoughts on “Weekly menu plan

  1. just wondering, how can ‘corn’ be dinner? isnt that a side dish? and how are you skipping lunch a few days?

    your menu is so unconventional, what happened to tuna, salmon, eggs, sardines, or cheese for breakfast/lunch, and chicken, potatoes, rice,or pasta, and soup for supper?

    1. Hi, Mindy, welcome!

      CORN – Clean Out Refrigerator Night – it’s our family’s way of saying we’re serving leftovers.:) I usually write what it means in parenthesis so that new blog readers will know what I mean.

      We don’t skip lunch, but because of the quantity of food we make, I know that there will be enough left from a dinner or lunch to serve on another day. When I schedule every single meal, we end up either 1) having too much food left at the end of the week or 2) not making what’s scheduled and having what’s already cooked in the fridge instead.

      Is it written somewhere that a menu has to be conventional? 😆 I think what’s most important is that your family enjoys it, the food is nourishing, and that you stay within your financial guidelines.

        1. LOL – Dina, your comment shows I need to write what the acronym stands for every week and not assume that most readers remember from the first time I used and explained the term!

  2. chocolate zucchini muffins? I’m really curious to see that recipe. (My kids have been really enjoying your breakfast options.)

    We got a bunch of mangos from my parents. Any ideas of what we can do with them other than just slice them and eat them?

    1. I’ll post the zucchini muffin recipe in the next couple of days, PG.

      As far as mangos, we’ll be making coconut mango pancakes for breakfast tomorrow- I can share that recipe, if you’re interested. I also have a yummy green bean salad recipe that we make for Shabbos that calls for mango. Otherwise, the only thing that comes to mind are shakes.

  3. Hi Avivah!

    Boring, no way!! Your menu makes me want to hide in the closet LOL. I’m just starting to try and make stuff for my kids that I know is good for them. :) This menu makes mine look oh so piteous, haha!

    1. Hi, Tehilla, welcome!

      I think it’s wonderful that you’re making improvements in your diet! As far as my menu plan, there’s no competition here! We’re all doing the best we can, right? :)

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