20th high school reunion

A couple of weeks ago I got an invitation to my twentieth high school reunion, to be held in conjunction with the annual fundraising dinner for the school in just a couple more weeks.  My first thought was that I can’t go because I’m not accomplished enough, thin enough, rich enough – you know, stinking thinking!  I spoke to a few friends and my wonderful dh about this, all of whom told me I was crazy and I should go if I could.

I was in a small high school and there were only 18 girls in my class, and because I spent the first ten years after high school overseas, I haven’t really stayed in touch with anyone.  So the idea of reconnecting with everyone was really appealing! However, it would mean a drive of 3.5 hours in each direction, and because I would be leaving the kids behind, we’d have to drive back late at night at the end of the evening.  And there would be the expense of seats for dh and I to the fundraising dinner.

I was willing to do all of that if I’d have a chance to spend talking with old friends.  But since it’s going to be part of the larger evening’s events, there really won’t be much time to socialize, and when I emailed the contact person, she said so far only three classmates have confirmed their attendance.  So though I’m disappointed and would have enjoyed being able to see whoever came, I won’t be going.

Then tonight I got an email from a friend from sixth grade, who told me about the high school reunion taking place next year and said she and others would love it if I came.  I know, it sounds funny that I can have one reunion scheduled for 2010  and one for 2011, but that’s because I skipped seventh grade.  (If I hadn’t started first grade when I was 5, 2012 would be my official reunion year. :)  )  And though it probably sounds far less likely for me to attend the one in 2011 due to the distance (it will be in MS) and other factors, I’m really seriously considering it.  I was only part of that class for 1.5 years, but I have very warm memories.  I had the chance to reconnect with four classmates five years ago when I returned to that area to visit a relative.  You wouldn’t think people would remember someone who spent such a short time in their school, would you?  They did, th0ugh, and it was really nice.  My kids would enjoy the trip, too.  It’s good it’s far enough in the future that I have plenty of time to think about it and work out the logistics.

Have any of you attended high school reunions?  Was it what you expected?  I’d love to hear your experiences!


4 thoughts on “20th high school reunion

  1. My 10th was a Friday night that was also Shavous (I went to Public School in a very Jewish section of Long Island, NY, so although I wasn’t really surprised, I was quite disappointed with the scheduling.)

    So I couldn’t go. We’re not quite up to the 20th yet (2012, because I *didn’t* start early or skip any grades) — I wonder if it will be more reasonable. I’d love to go, even though it will most probably be a non-Kosher affair, but not if it’s scheduled for Shabbos again, of course.

    1. After reading your message, it occurred to me that mine in 2011 be on Saturday; I hadn’t even considered it before. But as long as the day itself is okay, I don’t really care if the food will be kosher, since that’s easily enough dealt with by eating before going.

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