Weekly menu plan

Wow, the past week has zoomed by.  I can’t believe it’s already time to post my weekly menu!

Shabbos – dinner- challah, soup, roast chicken, potatoes,  asparagus, carrot kugel, salads, peanut butter cups (will share recipe later this week); lunch – cholent, kishke, kugel, salads, fresh mangoes, power bars

Sunday – breakfast – french toast; lunch – eggs and cream cheese; dinner- beef stew, carrot sticks, salads

Monday – b – lemon blueberry muffin loaf; l – chicken vegetable soup, toast; d – falafel, techina, chopped lettuce, ginger carrots and pickled green beans

Tuesday – quinoa pudding; l – baked stuffed potatoes (broccoli and cheese); d – red beans and rice with sausage, roasted vegetables

Wednesday – b – banana bread ; l – eggs, eggplant casserole; d – black bean quinoa burgers

Thursday – b – baked banana oatmeal; l – turkey hash; d – CORN (Clean Out Refrigerator Night)

It’s hard for me to believe that we’ve finished over three quarts of elderberry syrup in four months, but we have!  This afternoon I made a small batch of elderberry syrup with the last of the dried elderberries.

About ten months ago, we were given a case of frozen bananas.  Today I got a call from the person who gave them to us then, asking if we’d be interested in another case of frozen bananas.  His wife works in the food industry and the institution had more than they needed, so the bananas were peeled and then frozen when they were started to get spotted so that they wouldn’t get overripe.  It’s a good thing that when I went shopping last month, I decided not to get a case of bananas, isn’t it?!  And it’s also a good thing I know what to do with frozen bananas!  As you see, the bananas were worked into this week’s menu.

Tonight I started a new batch of turkey broth brewing on the stove.  I soaked the red beans and black beans and will drain them in the morning so they will have time to sprout before Tues/Weds night dinners.  Since I have a fresh batch of sauerkraut that’s just about finished and a couple more batches of lacto fermented vegetables in the fridge, I’m not going to make anymore this week.

Oh, I have to add my usual comment that breakfast is generally supplemented by fruit and raw milk, lunch and dinner with vegetables in some form.


14 thoughts on “Weekly menu plan

  1. could you give specific instructions on how you lacto-ferment? after reading several books and trying it twice (both horrible gross flops) i am thinkng i must be missing something really important. i know that even your kids can do this, so it must be fairly straightforward the way you do it… thanks!

    1. It will be published on the blog on Weds; you got it because I accidentally hit the ‘publish’ button before I scheduled it and everyone who gets the posts to their inbox gets it the second it’s published. :) Glad you liked it, though.

  2. Just so you know, sometimes your meal plans spark an idea in my head. I made the quinoa pudding for tonight (my kids like something breakfast like for dinner occassionally). I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I needed to use up some excess quinoa anyways. :)

      1. My husband had extra servings. I enjoyed it. The kids didn’t care for the almonds. Next time I can just leave them out. All and all a success.

          1. Isn’t it best when people like cheaper foods?

            Avivah, I was wondering something on this vein.
            What do you say about people who’s family or husbands feel they must eat chicken/meat every night for supper, and not just as a side, but as the biggest portion, because otherwise it is not a “real meal”?
            Do you think people should make foods they don’t particularly enjoy and stop kvetching that its not “real food” and that eventually they’ll learn to appreciate, if thats what their budget demands? Or even that their family prefers unhealthy things like white flour, white sugar, etc… Or do you think it is most important for everyone (and especially dad) to be happy with the meal and make meals accordingly, or do you think wives/mothers should make healthy/cheap meals and everyone else should learn to adjust their tastes?

  3. I have some bananas that I was planning on using for banana bread this week and I have yet to try a soaked version that we like. Have you adapted your recipe or do you use sprouted wheat or neither? Thanks
    I get lots of meal planning inspiration too!

    1. If I make a recipe with liquid, then I use either kefir/buttermilk as the liquid and mix it with the flour, then leave to soak overnight. If it’s something like this, I melt the butter (has lactic acid) and mix it with the flour to soak overnight. Then in the morning we mix in the other ingredients and bake as usual.

  4. >>Hi Avivah. Just a note to let you know I really enjoy your posts.
    A small question- Maybe it’s because by 7 -7:30 every one but me has to be out of the ‘house’ (well, what we call “caravan” in EY), but our breakfast is always fresh bread (b”h for bread makers) and spreads, and you have what I’d call “fancy” and varied breakfast every day. Why? Wouldn’t you save time (and maybe expenses) by having only bread and bits for this meal?<<

    Hi, Nathalie, welcome! (I am responding to your comment here instead of where it was originally posted so it's on topic, sorry I don't know how to move your comment and keep your name and email on it.)

    I don't have to rush out every day and we enjoy sitting down as a family to breakfast. When the kids were little and in school, we had oatmeal almost every day. Healthy, boring, and cheap. And boring. :) But by making it in advance, it doesn't have to be an added rush in the morning. When my boys are on breakfast duty, they make it the night before since they get home too late in the morning for us to be able to eat on time.

    I don't have a lot of bread because it's something I've tried to cut down on for health reasons; even all whole wheat bread isn't ideal by any means. But even when we did eat it more, I tended to think of bread as something that isn't quick, due to washing and betching, so we never ate that at busy times.

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