My kids are so sweet!

Last night when those who went to synagogue returned, they brought me a copy of the weekly synagogue newsletter.  They all know I appreciate seeing this so they give it to me first thing.

I took a look at it and about two minutes after beginning to read, I noticed with surprise the following:

“This week’s (newsletter) is sponsored by:

E, T, M, B, T, B, E, D and S Werner in honor of our parents’ 18th anniversary. We love you Mommy and Daddy! Mazal tov!”

I looked up at my kids and they were all watching me read, waiting for me to notice and trying to look like there was nothing special on their minds.  I was so touched!  I told them how thoughtful I thought it was, and after thanking them all, asked them whose idea it was and how they organized it without me knowing about it.

They said that when I attended the neighborhood association meeting last week on Tuesday, ds16 and dd13 together thought of the idea (dd15 was in NY for a couple of days attending the wedding of a camp counselor and then a camp bunk reunion). They emailed the editor of the newsletter with the wording and called someone else to arrange payment.  They’re all chipping in for it – the youngest of the middles are paying $2 each and the older kids are each paying $5 or more (it’s $36 total).

Then dh came home (he had gone to a different minyan/service than the older kids).   The kids had asked me how I would bring it to his attention so that he was surprised, since they said he wouldn’t notice on his own.  After our meal started, I showed him something of interest immediately above it, thinking there was no way that he wouldn’t notice all those familiar names just a couple of lines below.  But he didn’t!  Then dd15 and I caught each other’s eye and burst out laughing, so when he asked what was so funny, I showed him the dedication.  He also thought it was so sweet.

It’s so nice when your children want to show their appreciation for you, without any prompting, just because they care.


3 thoughts on “My kids are so sweet!

  1. Mazal Tov! What a beautiful and thoughtful acknowledgement to show for 18 years worth of parenting. How lucky you are!

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