You thought I was what?

Last night I received an email from someone inquiring about my interest in participating in her blog that discusses religion.  My instinct was not to – I’m quite happy with my religion and the meaning it brings me, and have no desire to debate, convince or even be contrasted with others responding about their religions.

Since I try to respect those making requests of me, I make an effort to check out their position before responding in a knee jerk manner.  When looking at the blog of the woman I received the request from, I found a list of upcoming topics and posters.  I  found it interesting and educational to note the wide variety of participants and their respective religions (I hadn’t heard of a womanist before).

Here’s the listing of the religions represented: Muslim, Catholic, Objectivist, Agnostic, Womanist, Pagan, Jewish, Druid, Atheist, Christian, and scheduled (tentatively, I assume) for October there I was……………………….

Buddhist.  😆

I couldn’t help but wonder what led to that categorization.


7 thoughts on “You thought I was what?

  1. I once took a religious belief survey online and it told me I was buddhist, too.

    Mostly I’m just grateful for right now, whatever right now looks like.

    1. I was laughing, too!

      Malkie – that’s really interesting. Gratitude and acceptance for where you are right now seem to be good qualities for a person of any faith to develop!

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