My schedule for next couple of weeks

I have so many topics that I’ve said I’ll get to and I’m not forgetting about them!  It’s just that there’s a lot going on here so it’s more challenging than usual to find time for computer stuff.

Here’s a overview of just the bigger things in my schedule for the next two weeks:

Thurs. Aug. 12 – evening performance at dd14’s camp – she was in drama, dance, and a musical interpretation, we stayed for cast party and got home at 1 am

Fri. Aug. 13 – did shopping with boys for clothes, tried to get food cooked and house cleaned for Shabbos :)

Tonight, Sat. Aug. 14 – dd15 and ds11 left for a five day trip to Michigan

Sun. Aug. 15 – hope to attend a morning session at dd’s camp for mothers and daughters, ds14 comes home from camp mid day,  I was asked to speak somewhere at 5 pm

(This week doesn’t look so full but in addition to activities I have scheduled for kids, need to get house in order and do a couple of biggish house projects)

Tues. Aug. 17 – full day of shopping in PA

Wed. Aug. 18 – building berry pergola in garden (ds17 said he wants to do this for me before he leaves)

Thurs. Aug. 19 – building berry pergola in garden, dd15 and ds11 return home in the evening

Fri. Aug. 20 – pick up dd15’s friend from bus (coming from NY) mid day to spend five days with us

Sat. Aug. 21 – last Shabbos with ds before he leaves to yeshiva, make siyum in honor of gemara ds17 finished after two years

Sun. Aug. 22 – tryouts for baseball travel team for ds11, siyum and swim party for ds11 and ds17 for mishnayos they finished, family dinner bbq afterward

Mon. Aug. 23 – take dd15 to get fitted for contacts, take dd15 to hairstylist

Tues. Aug. 24 – early morning – take ds to bus to NY, evening – take dd’s friend to airport

Sat. Aug. 30 – ds17 taking last bus from Manhattan here, pick him up in early morning hours

Sun. Aug. 29 – wedding for close family member early afternoon (we’ll be quite involved with the preparing, setting up, etc), upsherin for ds3 in late afternoon, take ds17 to bus back to NY in evening

Mon. Aug. 30 – dd15 wants to go to MVA to get driver’s permit since you have to be 15 and nine months and this is the first day she can get it (there’s a mandatory six or nine month waiting period between getting the permit and license, so she wants the waiting period to happen while she’s in Israel)

Tues. Aug. 31 – entire family going to NY to take dd15 to airport, will go to pick up ds from his part of NY so he can go to airport with us – full day trip

Ds17 is working most days, dd14 is babysitting almost every day (so there are hardly any older kids around during the days), ds17 wants to go get his permit (never ended up getting it when we went in the winter because of a technicality- he never wears his glasses; it’s a light prescription and he doesn’t really need them, but they wouldn’t allow him to take the test without them), dh needs me to pick him up from work a couple of times because the person who he used to carpool with no longer works in the area, and the kids’ piano teacher wants to have a recital before dd15 leaves for the year.

I didn’t mention any of the activities and trips I have planned with the kids, or that I’m trying to pull together our homeschooling plans for the coming year.   It also doesn’t take into account all the things that need to get done to keep the house running, the shopping and packing for both of the kids going away (they’ve both presented me with lists), or the holiday shopping for the kids who will still be home.    :))

After this, I’ll have almost a week and a half before Rosh Hashana, and then will be mostly busy with holiday preparations for the entire month of September, in addition to starting our official homeschooling schedule.  I told ds even if he makes the travel baseball team (he’s an excellent player but he would be competing for a spot with boys up to age 15), I don’t know if I’ll allow him to join – it’s a lot to add to an already full schedule.   I’m thinking that sometime mid October things will start to slow down a little.  :)

So bear with me if it seems to be taking longer to get posts up.


2 thoughts on “My schedule for next couple of weeks

  1. Shoshana – it’s because I can do so much that I end up with more to do! By that I mean that there are things I could refuse to do or say ‘no’ to, but as long as it’s manageable, I try to make it happen. But if I was a person who couldn’t do all of this, then some of the things would never make it onto the list to start with. I have to carefully monitor my life ‘margins’ though, since right now they’re getting much narrower than I like.

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