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I have gotten so off track the last few weeks with weekly menu planning!  I’ve been intending to make a menu plan for the year with rotating bi-weekly choices so that I don’t have to take time out every week for it.  The idea was to simplify and reduce the time spent on menu planning.  But I haven’t created that one size fits all plan (I think because mentally I rebel a little at the idea of limiting myself only to 14 basic meals) and as a result, recent meal times have gotten short shift and been inconsistent in quality.   Fortunately, no matter what, I plan for Shabbos (Sabbath) and holiday meals, so those have still been well-organized. :)

Here’s the menu plan for this week:

Monday – breakfast – cream cheese squares; lunch – millet cheese cakes, vegetable sticks; dinner – vegetable-lentil soup

Tuesday – b – quinoa oatmeal squares; l – potato soup with dumplings; d – tuna quiche

Wednesday – b – ginger rice; l – (doing my monthly shopping and will buy something); d – pizza, salad

Thursday – b – quinoa porridge; l – Meditteranean lentils; d – falafel with tahini sauce

Friday – b – polenta; l – leftovers

It’s so nice when the weather starts to get cool and soup can go back on the menu!  Filling, relatively simple, and so many variations.  As the weather moves closer to winter, I’ll be scheduling more soups, but this week is the first time in months that I’ll be making soup for a weekday meal.  I’m looking forward to it!

Though I like using beans, not planning meals has led to not using many legumes, since they take a bit of advance planning to maximize their nutritive value and digestibility.  Beans add so much variety while being a super budget expander!  When I recently saw green lentils on sale for .79 for a box of 1.5 lb (actually, they were double that but some of the boxes were marked .79 so I requested to pay that for all of them), I bought all that they had – about ten boxes.

As always, meals are supplemented by whatever fruit and vegetables I have on hand.

Have a wonderful week!


7 thoughts on “Weekly menu plan

  1. Just wanted to say that the “millet cheesecake” sounded intriguing, so i googled a recipe. I tried it out today and…YUM. Amazing. It really tastes like cheese cake (or at least the one I made did). Thanks for the idea!

  2. hey, dont want to step on any toes…this is your blog, after all

    haha, just kidding

    cook 1 cup millet in four cups of water until the water is mostly gone. the millet is going to be very mushy

    1 tsp salt
    2/3 cup cashew
    2/3 cup honey
    2/3 cup lemon juice (i actually just used the juice of one lemon)
    2 tsp vanilla extract

    then add the millet and blend everything together.

    i found that it was a bit too thick to blend all at once, so i blended half at a time

    when it was warm, it was so yummy! when i cooled down, it became solid like cheesecake. however, i did not like the texture (my family did, though). maybe i need more cheesecake sensory desensitization

    in any case, i’m thinking of trying to make it into a cocoa cheesecake next time

    1. Mine is *totally* different, Esty! I called them cheese cakes but I meant like cheese patties, savory, not sweet. I don’t follow an exact recipe, but it’s basically sauteed onions, cooked millet, shredded cheese, egg, spices, shaped into patties and baked.

      It’s so interesting to hear new ideas – thank you for sharing your recipe!

  3. yum.
    your recipe sounds delicious

    why did you bake it as opposed to frying it?

    what was interesting about my recipe was that the millet cooled into a solid mass. i wonder if you can make all sorts of “cakes” using the millet as a base. again, though, the texture may throw some people off

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