Sukkos menu

It’s been a lovely Sukkos so far!  Here’s a list of what we’ll be making for the last two days of Sukkos and Shabbos.  Since I’ll be mixing and matching for meals, it’s easiest to just list the dishes.

homemade challah


Side dishes:

  • potato kugel
  • creamy noodle kugel
  • broccoli onion quiche
  • squash-apple bake
  • curried lentils
  • kishke


  • cauliflower salad
  • jicama and avocado salad w/Thai vinaigrette
  • colorful green bean salad
  • tri pepper salad
  • fresh salad (lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, etc)
  • beet salad


  • vanilla ice cream w/ crumb topping
  • lemon ice cream
  • caramel chocolate nut bars
  • peanut butter squash brownies (flour free)
  • cherry cake
  • gingersnap cookies


  • techina
  • maynonnaise


7 thoughts on “Sukkos menu

  1. Hi Aviva,
    Your organization is very similar to mine.
    I also divide up the menu by mains, sides, etc and end up mixing and matching depending on leftovers etc.
    I am curious though if you do most of your prep before the holidays or do you leave your oven on?
    I try not to leave ovens on, but do leave on a few slow cookers to finish up what I could not get done before the holiday, the 3 days of meals is challenging.
    Hope you had a great chag!

    1. Shoshana – thanks for asking, Sukkos was great!

      Lisa – the local kosher supermarket inexplicably had grass-fed ribe eye roast for just 5.99 lb! Otherwise any grass-fed meat I buy is from Golden West Glatt. But their prices have gone up and I haven’t ordered in a while. They’re still less expensive than Kol Foods, though.

      I do leave the oven on, as well as a small flame on the stove. For a three day yom tov, I find it much more relaxing, and I prefer to prepare the food for the last day so that it will be fresh. I try to be sure all the food for the night meals are prepared beforehand, though. Salads that are marinated I do in advance, others I only make enough for one meal and prepare a fresh salad right before each meal. I used to prepare everything in advance for all three days, but then found it was becoming more pressure!

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