Joy in the Journey parenting workshops

I’m excited to share that I am offering my new parenting workshop series, Joy in the Journey!  I’m thrilled to offer this course since though there are many, many things I find interesting and enjoy sharing about, parenting is absolutely my passion!  Parenting from the right paradigm is transformative for every member of a family, something I’ve been fortunate to experience personally.  The challenge is to access that paradigm!

The live (ie in person) workshop will offer a new perspective on parenting, an empowering approach that will help you connect with and enjoy your children.  This is an inside-out approach that differs dramatically from other parenting courses.

Joy in the Journey: Part 1 will begin the second week of November.  The workshops will be offered as mini-series of four weeks each.  Each series will build on the one before it but they will be structured so that a parent can attend a later series even if she missed an earlier one.

There are two groups currently being offered (for women only):

Sundays, Nov. 7 – 10:45 am – 12:15 pm – if your oldest child is between the age of 7 – 11.

Mondays, Nov. 8, 8 – 9:30 pm – if your oldest child is between 0 – 6.

(A class for parents of teens will be available at a later as of yet undetermined date, but I don’t have enough time available to offer it concurrently, as much as I would love to. )

The workshops will be interactive to allow for discussion and questions, and the price for the 4 week series will be $50.  For more information or to register, contact me at avivahwerner at yahoo dot com (replace at and dot with the appropriate symbols).

This is going to be fun and inspiring, and I can’t wait to get started!


12 thoughts on “Joy in the Journey parenting workshops

  1. I would be interested in buying cd’s if you make them availible. I live in a different state but I am extremely interested in listening and learning from all you have to offer. Good luck to you.

  2. Downloads would be even easier. You can charge a fee for them (if you want) by putting a paypal button on your blog. That is very easy to do. And then there is a lot less work than burning and mailing CDs. And better for the environment too! I suggest all of this because I too would very much like to benefit from your teaching even though I live far away! :)

    1. Downloads would be good for those of us outside of the US too. (Obviously CDs are shippable, but it takes time and there’s more breakage risk.)

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