Monday night parenting class option

I’m so much enjoying the parenting classes that I’m giving with a wonderful group of moms!  Someone today told me I should mention here that tomorrow night I’ll be offering a new Part 1 series of Joy in the Journey (my parenting workshop classes).  This is for those who couldn’t attend on Sundays and want to start at the beginning (which is the best place to start!). 

The classes are set up as a small group workshop to allow for discussion and personalized feedback. My foundational approach is one based on connection and relationship building with children, synthesized with clear guidelines and structure.  The focus is on learning where to put your efforts as a parent so you can enjoy the process of parenting while developing a beautiful family culture.  This is something I’ve developed and implemented over years of parenting, and can say that it’s not just not nice sounding theory – it really works!

Part 1 consists of 4 classes and will take place on Monday evenings from 8 – 9:30, beginning on Nov. 22 (tomorrow!!). For mothers of children all ages; $50; email me for the lcation. If you have friends that you feel would benefit, please feel free to share this information with them.  


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