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Yesterday I told a friend about an online test I did to see how my energy was – it’s a test to evaluate your chakras (seven energy centers).  Though I think I’m pretty self-aware, I was surprised by the results: five of my chakras were strong, one of my chakras was weak (no surprise), another was closed. 

The surprise to me was that one chakra was totally blocked, and when I did a little reading beyond the little information bite, I didn’t believe that the results for that chakra were accurate.  So I did a search for a more detailed free test and then took that.  The results of that were more specific, given in percentages, and this time, it showed that one chakra was weak (the same as before), and everything else was in a good range.  (In case you’re wondering, I don’t know enough about what questions correlate to what to be able to get the answers I want, and if you’re going to take a test like this, you should be as honest as you can be or the results aren’t indicative of anything.)

About six weeks ago I went to an osteopathic doctor who also is an accupuncturist and familiar with Chinese healing modalities, and she asked me a bunch of questions, including about my energy.  (I’ve been doctor-less for my entire adult life, and thought it would be nice to have the support of someone comfortable with an alternative perspective, and when I learned that she is covered by my insurance plan, I jumped at the opportunity.)  I told her it was basically fine, and she kind of went, ‘um hmm’, sounding somewhat doubting.  Then she checked all my energy points and seemed suprised, so I asked her why, and she said, “Your energy is all actually flowing pretty well; I didn’t expect that.”  😛

But it’s been a draining year and the chakra quiz brought up the area I’ve been lagging in a very obvious way.  It was helpful to see this validated, and though I believe that things I’m already doing will improve how I’m feeling in this area, it brings home to me that it’s an area I need to consciously pay attention to if I want to feel balanced. 

Here’s the quiz for anyone who’s interested – it’s free and there are simple suggestions online for how to rebalance a weak chakra.  (Like everything, there’s lots to learn but you don’t have to become a specialist in order to apply basic strategies.)


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