Picking pomegranates

Yesterday we had a fun pre-Rosh Hashana outing – pomegranate picking!

Pomegranates are one of the symbolic fruits traditionally served on Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), and picking them was not only fun but very timely! We found several pomegranate trees in the vicinity on public land, and yesterday the kids picked a bunch for us to use.

Here’s the pickings, minus a couple of large ones that they shared when they got home.

Ds5 with the 'pickings'

I’ve always enjoyed pomegranates, but found them a pain in the neck to eat. They’re just so much work! But lo and behold, I’ve learned an easy and effective way to quickly deseed them, with hardly any juice stains – dd15 could hardly believe how easy it was when she tried it.

Rather than describe it for you,here’s a very short and clear video that I found very helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnujQquKCQY&NR=1. It really is as easy as he makes it look.

This was a fun, frugal, and fruitful (no pun intended!) outing! And after seeing us picking pomegranates yesterday, a teenage neighbor today told my daughter her family also picked some for Rosh Hashana – they had seen the trees but never thought of it before!

I’m thinking of picking more pomegranates to preserve – but I’m not sure what to do with them! I need ideas! What do you use pomegranates for (juice, concentrate, seeds)?


7 thoughts on “Picking pomegranates

    1. I had to learn very, very quickly when I got here. Fortunately for me, my dd16 had already joined the necessary organization before we got here. I have to take maaser on a regular basis from the vegetable store I go to (something I never did before moving to Karmiel); it was a new experience for us but after almost five weeks, it’s not something intimidating any more.

  1. Last year when we stayed in Efrat, I learned to deseed a pomegranate the easy way from a friend who used them daily; now I enjoy them so much. Blessings for a good, sweet New Year!

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