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I started watching the new film The Connected Baby this morning, and hoped to watch all of it to be able to share my thoughts on it with you.  But my ds2 and ds4 were making it hard to hear and after a half hour I decided to put off watching the rest of it until it was quiet.  (The program in its entirety is an hour and fifteen minutes.)  Then I had such a full day that there was no time to finish viewing the rest of it today.

Since this is able to be viewed for free online only through March 1, I wanted to share the link here to give you a chance to see it for yourselves.  It wouldn’t help much if I told you about it after the deadline, would it?!  My dd15 watched the entire thing and found it interesting; she said it basically scientifically backs up what you know already about babies if you’ve been around enough of them.  And that is, that babies are connected and responding to those around them from the very beginning, not reflexively, but purposefully.

If you’d like to review something a little more detailed about the film before watching, here’s a review by Peggy O’Mara.  Here’s the site where the The Connected Baby can be watched free through Mar. 1  – enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Connected Baby – film

  1. That is an amazing video. I work with “littleies” and they are so complex. Lots of adults do not give them credit for the feelings they have, but I do. Was crying during the Maisie clip. It is so true of 2 year olds, especially the sensitive ones. Thanks for that.

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