Home from the hospital

Ds13 came home earlier than expected – he arrived a half hour before Shabbos!

The hospital is literally right by the Mediterranean Sea, which is stunningly beautiful.   Just a three minute walk from the hospital building and you see this:

visiting bin 017

Dd18 and ds13 together, enjoying the view.

visiting bin 019a

When dd18 brought the littles, we thought they’d enjoy seeing the sea.  The trouble was, it was already nighttime and they were really creeped out by the sight and sound of the waves in the darkness.  And ds6 was really cold (he was really sick later that night, but I can look at the pictures and it’s obvious how under the weather he already was feeling.)

visiting bin 059

The sea may have not been much fun, but wearing their big brother and sister’s sweatshirts and getting a ride on ds13’s wheelchair was definitely something they enjoyed.

visiting bin 060

So much fun that they wanted more and more rides when they were back inside the hospital!  Ds13 was very obliging.

visiting bin 050

We’re so glad to have ds13 back home with us! Ds3 told me he wants to go to ‘his (ds13;s) room’ again – meaning his hospital room.  I had to tell him that it’s not a trip we’re going to be making now!


2 thoughts on “Home from the hospital

  1. Looks like you were at Rambam? :) Refuah sheleima to your ds13. I also took my daughter out to see the ocean. IT was amazing to see all the huge shipping tankers moored off shore weighting to unload their goods. And yes watching the ocean was exhilarating upclose and from the Children’s ward too.

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