Yirmiyahu is in the emergency room

On Monday evening, my chiropractor made a space for me to come in for a visit before my return to Israel.  In addition to typical chiropractic work, she does energy work and asked me something that she never asked before: What do you want to work on today?

I told her that I feel like I’m handling things fine, but am afraid that suddenly something little is going to happen –  the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back – and I’m going to totally fall apart.

It’s a good thing we released some stress from my system since this morning would have been the point I would have cracked.

After a very stressful and draining day, I left the US on Tuesday evening.  It wasn’t an easy flight because of Yirmiyahu.  I’ve been very worried about him since he got sick on Shabbos; this has been different than anything else I’ve ever seen with him.  No matter how sick he was before, I could still see him but this time it’s like he’s someone else.  When I got back to Karmiel Wednesday evening, everyone in my family was worried when they saw him – ds5 asked me why he looks like a different Yirmiyahu than the one I took to America.

First thing this morning I asked dh to schedule a doctor’s visit for Yirmiyahu as soon as possible; I wanted to take him but was so exhausted and dizzy I didn’t think I could safely walk there so dh went instead.  He called me from the doctor’s office to say the doctor immediately put him on an iv and oxygen and insisted on directly transporting him by ambulance to the emergency room.  They’re at the ER now, and I’m waiting for an update.  Right now we only know that he’s very dehydrated (despite the large amount of liquids I’ve been giving him almost nonstop for the last few days).  For those who would like to pray for him, his name is Yirmiyahu ben Avivah Michaelah.

I’m very grateful that he’s there, and though I would have wanted to be with him at this time, I’m glad my husband is with him.  As tired as he may be, he has more physical and emotional resources than I do at this point.  Hopefully they’ll both be home soon.


15 thoughts on “Yirmiyahu is in the emergency room

  1. B”H Refua Shleima l” Yirmiyahu ben Avivah Michaelah, and also for dd! Also, B”H that you and all of your family and friends will have the energy, strength, and power to deal with all that you are going through at this time! B”H may your mom’s surgery go easily and well, and may the doctors hand be guided by H”!

  2. Dear Avivah, I wish there was some way I could help you! I am located in Telz Stone, near Jerusalem. If there is some way I could be of help PLEASE let me know!!! May H’ give you lots of koach and refuot sheleimot to your daughter and son! My phone number is ….(removed by Avivah). I am a good listener if you need an ear!

  3. Oh Avivah! I was offline for a bit with stress and meetings and just got caught up. You and your whole family are in my thoughts!

    I don’t think there’s a lot I can do for your DD from Wisconsin but if she gets to a point where a care package might cheer her up please shoot me an email with what you think would brighten things up for her!

  4. I agree with Anne. I am in Tx and may be of little help to your dd but if there is anything I can do to help please feel free to ask :) You can contact me via email any time.

  5. hugs to you, Avivah. Just coming back into the loop here. WOW! stress! Sorry that we were not able to spend more time connecting, I so much want(ed) to be helpful. Let me know what I can do for you and yours.

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