Ordering missing parts from company and save money!

Before Yirmiyahu was born, we were given some baby items, including a high chair.  At the time, I was told the high chair was missing some screws, but since the factory of the company (Keter) that makes this high chair is located in Karmiel I planned to buy the missing screws from them.

Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago, when we pulled the high chair out of storage to put it together and put it to use!  We noted the missing screws, and I headed to the Keter factory store in the industrial zone to buy some.  When I arrived I was told that this is the older model so they no longer have parts available for sale.  I began thinking how ridiculous it would be to have to throw out the entire chair just because of some missing screws, but they are made in a specific way and it would be extremely difficult to find a substitute at the hardware store.

Then it occurred to me to ask them if they could order the screws for me.  They initially didn’t think so, but I asked them to check on this and after asking someone in a higher position they told me they could.  I was told they would order an entire set, enough to replace every screw and small part on the high chair.  I didn’t need all of that but this is the only way they could order it.

When I asked how much it would be, the woman in charge smiled at me and told me they weren’t going to charge me.  I wasn’t expecting that but of course I was very appreciative!  (My kids have asked me why it seems that so often nice things like this happen to me, but I believe that we all have wonderful things happening all the time – perhaps because I try to be conscious of it and share it with my family, my kids get this impression.)

The moral of the story?  If you have an item that needs a part that is hard to buy, try contacting the manufacturer for a replacement.  Usually you’ll have to pay for the parts but generally it will still work out to be a lot less expensive than buying a new item!


5 thoughts on “Ordering missing parts from company and save money!

  1. It was very helpful that you were able to go to the factory yourself. Often, if someone sees they are dealing with a real, live person rather than an anonymous e-mailer or letter they’re more inclined to help. Also, the fact that you took your own time to come, rather than call, showed that you really wanted the parts. Most of the time, we are not in traveling distance to the needed service center. Enjoy!

    1. Good points! You’re right about people tending to be more responsive to a person rather than a voice or message. I think even if you call it shows you want something, don’t you? They say that for every letter of complaint that a company gets, it’s representative of a much larger number of people who won’t bother but feel similarly. So I think it’s probably likely that applies here.

      I was definitely fortunate that the factory happens to be local!

  2. I often look for parts in the garbage- people tend to through things out ALOT and so I grab the broken one in the dump and use it to fix mine :) I have done this office chairs, strollers, bikes, etc…..

  3. I’m in the process of doing this with our double stroller.
    It was bought used, and we knew two tyres were cracked. One finally gave out with a punctured tube, so I’m replacing the back to tyres.
    The company doesn’t make exact replacements any more, and the cost for tyres and tubes, plus shipping, was going to be quite expensive. I’ve just dropped the two back wheels off at a local bike store, who will change the tyres and one or both inner tubes for about half the cost of ordering the parts, and I don’t have to wrestle with changing tyres myself.

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