Living Inspired class series – beginning soon in Karmiel

After an eight month hiatus, I’ve finally made time in my life to begin giving Torah classes locally again, and am excited about the opportunity to share thoughts with others that have been helpful for me!  I had some ambivalence regarding some aspects of teaching that had to be overcome in order to give classes again.  These included logistics of time and location, deciding on the subject matter and making time for class preparation.  As with so many things, it required being honest about my needs and limitations, but once I did was able to find solutions to all of the concerns.

I find that sharing with others helps keep me in a state of mind that is spiritually and emotionally upwardly mobile, and I credit getting through the last year of crises as well as I did to applying ideas I shared in classes  in the past.  There’s a real power in consistently keeping connected to higher thoughts that help you uncover and stay in touch with your higher self, and preparing classes to share with others pushes me to keep my spiritual growth a priority.  Details of the Living Inspired class series are below.


Preparing for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur begins with the preparations for the Nine Days (beginning this week), and in our workshops we will explore the unique spiritual power of this time period. We will develop practical applications to maximize personal growth, so that we go into the holidays with a clear sense of purpose and connection to the spirit and potential of these days! Start the new year off right by getting into the right mindset now!

Life today is one filled with pressures that obscure what our purpose is. What should we be doing? How can we do what we’re meant to do? How can we find meaning in day to day living, or grow through times of challenge? We will begin discussing these topics now, and after the holidays will continue to systematically cover topics that include developing personal direction, uncovering your inner light, identifying pitfalls that keep you from accessing your potential, developing inner calm and confidence, happiness, transcending challenges and more! All of these classes are based on the timeless wisdom of the Torah, which is filled with directions for living a life of meaning every day.

The classes will be given in English, and are geared towards women of all ages and all religious backgrounds. There will be no cost for the classes, which are being sponsored as a merit for complete healing for Yonatan Simcha ben Leah Rivka.

The Living Inspired series will be held on Wednesdays evenings and the first class will be Wednesday July 10 at my home. (Email me privately for the address if you need it.) The first class will be “Beating the Heat! – The Unique Spiritual Opportunity of the Nine Days”. We will begin on time so that we can finish on time and people can get home before it gets too late! There will be time for discussion after the class for those who are able to stay longer.


I’m not a person who enjoys dealing technology at all, but if I can find someone more savvy than me to help work out the logistics, I’m willing to record the classes to post here if there is interest.  If this is something that you know something about and would like to assist with, please contact me!  If technology isn’t your thing but you’re interested in hearing the classes, let me know so I can gauge if there’s enough interest to make the effort.

27 thoughts on “Living Inspired class series – beginning soon in Karmiel

  1. JEALOUS! Your classes and Torah insights kept me spiritually alive! Will miss all of you and our laughs, cries and depth together. Hazlachah and may you continue to ignite the English torah learning for women in the North. Would love copies if they are recorded!

  2. Wow! Avivah, can you do it on skype? My husband attends a shiur with a rav from chutz laaretz weekly on skype. Everyone calls in ahead and turns off their microphones until question time at the end.I would certainly love to hear your shiuriim!!!

  3. Do you have a simple mp3 player? Those are really easy to deal with and record. I would love to hear your classes too.

    1. I have two mp3 players, one of which isn’t working and the other one I’m hoping is still working well so I can use it for recording!

      1. If you are able to record an mp3 I can probably help you figure out how to host/post the large file. There are a lot of options out there and I’m sure one would work.

  4. Hi Aviva,

    I have been enjoying your blog for a month or so ( time flies and it may be longer!), and I’m inspired by your insights, originality, trust in yourself and the extent to which you are guided by your values to live your best life, and with your husband, raise your family with Torah as your guide. So the possibility of listening to a recording of your class–should you figure out the technology–is an exciting proposition to me. And to think I landed here because of a google search for fermenting vegetables (which I STILL have to get to)! I got a lot more than I imagined I would. Thank you!

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  5. I would love to listen to your classes!

    Congrats on getting back to teaching! You have often written about how much you get out of it, and I’m glad to see you are able to do it again.

  6. Hi Aviva,
    If you would be willing to give the same class to an online group, I’ll set up a Google Hangout for you. Up to 10 people can attend the shiur live that way and it can be interactive.
    You can collect payment for the shiur via paypal.
    Contact me via email if this could work.

    1. Naomi, this is a really interesting idea and I appreciate you bringing it up! For now, I don’t have enough time to offer the class twice; what I’d like to do is record it and offer it here for those who can’t make it in person.

      1. Then the easiest way would be to simply upload the mp3 file to dropbox and share the link on your blog. To actually host the file on your blog would probably be more complicated.

  7. You can set up a free teleconference call through which gives you the option to record the class for others to listen to later.

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