How to make brown sugar

It was my dd18 who first discovered this.  Fortunately when ds11 was making oatmeal cookies he remembered that there was an alternate to make brown sugar since he needed some for his recipe, and I would have just told him to use an equal amount of sugar instead.  Making your own brown sugar is such a money saver and is so incredibly simple that I have to share it with you – try not to be overwhelmed by how easy it is!

  • 1 c. granulated sugar
  • 1 T. molasses (for light brown sugar) or 2 T. molasses (for dark brown sugar)

Mix until thoroughly combined.  Use as called for in recipe.  That’s it!

(For those of you wondering, since moving to Israel I’ve begun using white sugar, since the alternative sweeteners I had been using for so many years are either not available here or are way out of my price limits.  We’re able to mostly limit this to Shabbos and holidays and skip making the healthy breakfast bars, muffins, etc that used to be staples here.)


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