Purim pictures 2014

Five middle boys - ds15, 11, 7, 6, 4

Five middle boys – ds15, 11, 7, 6, 4

Dd17 made a large batch of cinnamon rolls before Shabbos and put them in the freezer, then made another large batch this morning so we’d have enough to give out to everyone.  Ds15 confirmed they tasted good when he came home – while he was out he stopped at one family who was in the middle of eating our cinnamon rolls and told him how good they were, continued to the next family who had a pan of our rolls on the table and told them how good they were (and offered him some, which he was happy to accept!), and went to a third family who was eating – guess what? – our cinnamon rolls!  (They also offered him some and being a teenage boy, he didn’t mind having some more).

I enjoyed a relatively peaceful morning with all of the coming and going; the kids and dh did most of the deliveries while I got ready for our meal with 24 people.  In the end one guest didn’t show up so it was only 23.  There were a lot of kids but everyone got along beautifully and we all had a very nice time together.

For our Purim meal, dh did a story presentation accompanied by quickly drawn pictures to illustrate each scene.  The kids were all very engaged, even the one who just turned two years old!





Ds15 and Yirmi watching cartooning show together

Ds15 and Yirmi watching cartooning show together 

Yirmiyahu didn’t like either of the two costumes that I got for him, so when he woke up wearing his green pajamas this morning, one of the kids had an idea to make him a little green boy.  Hence the green face paint on his forehead.  He found having it applied quite a blissful experience.  Seriously.  When it got rubbed off at the end of the day, the kids wanted to reapply it just so I could see how much he loved it!

Yirmi - 20 months

Yirmi – 20 months



I have lots of other pictures but all of them have people who aren’t family members in them so I won’t share them here.  I’ll make up for it with a couple of pictures from last Purim instead. :)

Dh, me and Yirmi the bear (7.5 months)

Dh, me and Yirmi the bear (7.5 months)

Me and Yirmi

Me and Yirmi

This year was a slow start for me for getting into the spirit of Purim, but in the end it was a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  I hope all of you who celebrated Purim also had a wonderful holiday!


4 thoughts on “Purim pictures 2014

    1. Hi, Shuli! I posted this recipe a few years ago – http://avivahwerner.com/2007/12/06/yummy-cinnamon-rolls/.

      Dd used something different, maybe a basic challah dough? On a weekly basis she and dd13 both make extra challah dough to make chocolate babka and cinnamon buns and people always tell them how delicious it is!

      I think all yeast cakes taste great if: you don’t let the dough overrise and get yeasty, if you don’t put in too much flour and make it too stiff, and if you don’t overbake it so it gets hard.

  1. Great idea to use a white board as a story telling prop to keep kids engaged – maybe I will try it at my 4-year old’s birthday party (her first one with friends invited).

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