Avivah Michaelah bas Sara – Please Pray

On Monday afternoon a can of hot cosmetic wax exploded in Avivah’s face. She was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital and is in their burn unit. She suffered 2nd degree burns on her whole face and neck.

The doctors said she is very fortunate that her glasses shielded her eyes or she would likely have been blinded. Her eyesight was not affected. The doctors are optimistic for a good recovery. At this point they told us she would be in the hospital for a week, but they will reassess in the coming days.


Avivah and our family would appreciate your prayers.

Edited to add – thank you to Yael Aldrich for setting up a tehillim sign up.  If you would like to participate, please sign up at this link – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsKJxK1rRZoTdFdmbWkzVVdOVS10TTNKM2Y3M3ZYSEE&usp=sharing#gid=0

Avivah’s DH


69 thoughts on “Avivah Michaelah bas Sara – Please Pray

  1. Wow, Aviva, I feel so bad for you. It seems like you have had quite a share of difficulties in the last year or two. I hope you recover very speedily from this accident and you should only experience simchas and good things!

  2. I ask your permission to do distance energy healing. I cannot do it without consent. Please let me know. Refuah Shelaymah. Karen

  3. of course we will be davening for you here as well! may this season’s experience of redemption be especially poignant for your whole family this year as you are hopefully redeemed from all the things you daven to get out from under… wishing you all continued strength and much healing love to avivah.

  4. Refuah Shleima! So sorry to hear. It sounds so painful and scary. Hope you have a complete quick recovery. Prayers and thoughts for only good things to bless you and your family!

  5. Dear Avivah and Werner Family,

    I’m so, so sorry to hear about this, and will pray for a complete recovery. Blessings always, Eric A.

  6. I am davening for you Avivah. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time. בעזרת השם יעבור בקרוב! Refuah Shleimah Bimheira.

  7. Avivah, may you recover quickly and completely and find relief from what must be terrible pain. You are in my thoughts and my tefilot.

  8. My heart goes out to you! I know the physical pain and trauma that you are going through. 18 years ago I, too, had a burn covering my entire face. I was so swollen and covered in blisters that I could barely open my eyes and mouth. Emotionally I was traumatized and uncertain about how I would look physically. Miraculously, I healed quickly and within weeks my skin renewed and looking at me know one would know I suffered such a sever burn. I share my story with you to offer you hope and support – this too shall pass. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  9. When i didn’t see a post from you in my inbox for quite some time i got worries. Then, when i read the subject of this post my heart sank! May HaShem grant you a speedy and complete recovery so you may continue your life’s work. You are in my prayers.

  10. Avivah, please Gd ….you should have a complete physical and spiritual recovery, mamash now! Sending love, michelle

  11. Refuah shleima Avivah! My heart goes out to you, davening here that you should have a speedy and painless recovery and may this be the last of the negative things to happen to you forever.

  12. Refuah Sheleimah!

    Does Israel have a version of China Town, or any Asian markets? There’s a wonderful burn cream called Ching Wan Hung (Great Wall Brand) that will help ease the pain, speed your healing, and prevent any scarring. I’ve used it on several severe burns, with excellent results. Not even the tiniest bit of discoloration was left behind. I’m accident prone, so I always keep a jar in my kitchen.

    I’ll be in Israel next week, in Beitar. If you like, I can bring you my jar, and I’ll buy more when I get back to the States. If you can’t get anyone to meet up with me then, I’ll be in Jerusalem for Pesach, and in Tzfat the week after that.

    If you can get someone to Ma’ale Adummim, contact Billie Shreiner and see if she has any in stock. She’s a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and a dear friend of mine. billie.schreiner@gmail.com

    1. Davening for a speedy refuah sheleima for you Avivah! And for koach for you you and your family to manage well in such a stressful time!
      May I ask which hospital?

  13. Oh. I am so sorry to read about your accident. May you have a speedy and complete Refuah Shelemah. My husband will add your name to his daily tefilot.

  14. I just sent an email to you. Wishing you love and light. Sending healing energy and lots of prayers. If there is anything else that I can do….please email me at my gmail address.

  15. Rabbi Werner,

    I didn’t make the Google Doc, just started the idea of putting together the Tehillim Chain and Rachel Avner put together the Google Doc while I was working on starting one on another site. Thank you Rachel for being quick on your feet and being proactive!

    Please wish Avivah and your family my best.
    Yael Aldrich

  16. Refua Shleima!!! I am davening for you to have a quick and complete recovery and only besorot tovot and smachot!

  17. Avivah, sending my strongest tefilos your way…..May Hashem help you and your family during this time. May Nissan bring you freedom from pain and affliction, and may you speedily return to doing all that you love, with all whom you love.

  18. Do you know about Mrs. Green in Sanhedria who has the most amazing creams and salves which eliminate scarring? I have no contact info, but many people know of Mrs. Green and could refer you. I have seen literally miraculous results on my friend’s daughter who was very badly burned by boiling water and has absolutely no scars. Refuah shelaymah.

  19. Was just about to do my tehillim for the day, and had to do one more scroll down on FB. so now Aviva’s name is on the top of my tehillim list…….refuah shelaymah!!! Hashem has everything orchestrated……….but we want Moshiach NOW!!!

  20. B”H

    We are davening for you and are waiting to hear good news. We are sending you love and healing energy.

  21. Sending prayers for a complete healing, inside and out, for Avivah Michaelah bat Sara; sending happy and healing thoughts to the entire family. ~ Ruti and Avi Eastman, and the guys and girls

  22. Aviva, our hearts are broken that you have to be in this situation right now. Our hearts are with you and our tefillos too. We are davening for a complete and speedy recovery, You are such a strong, inspirational and wholesome woman and Hashem should bless you with revealed good and open miracles. Sending our love and healing energy. Refuah shelaima.

  23. Rabbi Werner and Avivah,
    I’m so sorry your family and you are going through this. Our tefillohs are with you. May you have a refuah shelayma.

  24. Avivah our thoughts are prayers for a refuah shelaima are with you and your family. We hope the nessayos of Pesach will bring you special healing and bring Geula to heal all the sick.

  25. Dear Aviva, I was burnt in 1981 85% . I thought you lived in Baltimore & now understand why none of my friends there heard about your accident. Refuah Shleima.
    Please be in touch at any time. 0527 627 954. I wrote Who By Fire with EstherTscholkofsky and direct the Chaya Malka Burn Foundation.
    May you enjoy each moment with your Blessed family.
    We also have 10 children, and the 9th is 21 with, I like to call it UPS.
    Our youngest is almost 19 and in seminary, Thank God. Chag Kasher V Sameach
    Much Love, Chaya Malka

    1. Chaya Malka, I read your book years ago and literally in the seconds after I was burnt, I thought of you. I would love to be in touch, thank you for sharing your number.

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