DD18 hit by car, prayers appreciated

I got an early morning call from dd18 this morning, and in response to my cheery, “Good morning, M!” which she seemed not to hear, she said, “Um, don’t be worried (I started to feel cold inside as soon as she said that knowing something bad was coming) but I just got hit by a car.”

She was calling as they were getting her ready to transport to the hospital.  She was waiting in Jerusalem for her bus when a car spun out of control, leaped the curb and hit her and another man at the bus stop.  The man was standing three feet from her; he was hit first and more seriously injured.

Thankfully, the bench where she usually sits was wet so she chose to stand to the side instead, saving her from a very serious injury – the bench was directly hit by the car and demolished.

Dd says she was only lightly injured and I hope this is true.  She says she’s mostly okay but right after an accident, a person often doesn’t feel their injuries and I’m waiting to hear after she’s checked out at the hospital how she’s really doing.

I called dd19 who is in an outlying area of Jerusalem to let her know what happened, and ask her to go to the hospital to meet dd18 so she won’t be alone.  She doesn’t have a direct bus so it will take her some time to get there.  So then I called the dorm counselor where dd18 studies and asked her to arrange someone to be with dd18 in the hospital.  I wish I could be with her but she needs someone now and I’m a few hours away.

It’s now 8:30 am and I’ll update as the day goes along.  I would appreciate prayers for Michal bas Avivah Michaelah.  If I’m able to get the name of the man who was hurt, I’ll share that as well.

Edited to add: dd’s dorm counselor met dd at the hospital as soon as she could get there. Dd’s wrist was broken and after giving her a cast was released.  She’ll need to follow up with an orthopedist to check that the bone is setting straight.  Dd19 spent most of the day with her.

A friend from Karmiel happened to be leaving to Jerusalem this morning and I gave her homeopathic and flower essence remedies for dd to help with the shock and emotional trauma, which dd began taking as soon as it got there.  She’s spent hours sleeping but is still unusually tired.  Her head and arm are hurting – I know it must be a lot because she mentioned it and since she doesn’t complain, for her to mention something means it’s significant.

 I’m going to make an appointment with our osteopath as soon as I can get her an appointment; when I was hit by a car the osteopath told me to wait for two weeks before getting a treatment so it won’t be any sooner than that, and is likely to be Chanuka time since she has a long waiting list.  

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes – this was very unsettling and worrisome for us all but I’m so grateful it wasn’t more serious.


18 thoughts on “DD18 hit by car, prayers appreciated

  1. Oh my… and just when you were saying you were looking forward to some peace and quiet… Lots of warm thoughts and love heading your way, and wishing her and that man a refuah shlema!

  2. Refuah Sheleimah! Make sure she’s getting lots of Arnica 30x, 5 tablets every 4 to 5 hours. Topical Arnica gel for the bruising. If you can get horsetail herb capsules, that will help speed up the bone setting.

    DD’s camp counselors rolled their car this summer, and I gave them a tube of Arnica gel, and it was amazing how fast the bruises disappeared.

  3. Oh no! Thank G-d it was only an accident that the car went out of control, instead of an intentional terrorist attack. So scary that in these times I’m even thinking along those lines! Refuah shlema! I hope you can get there soon, so you can both feel a little more relief and comfort.

    1. Galia, this was the first thing I thought of as well and one of the first questions I asked her was who hit her. It was a relief to me that it was an accident and someone didn’t purposely try to run her down.

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