Nine year blog anniversary!

It’s hard for me to believe that nine years ago today I began this blog!

The blogosphere has changed dramatically and many blogs have come and gone during this time.  Some say that people aren’t interested in reading blogs anymore but the number of you reading keeps me writing!

I have a surprisingly varied readership and yet somehow you’re all reading here together!  As I begin a new year of blogging I would love your feedback as to what topics are of most interest and value to you.

Please take a few minutes to share with me your thoughts on the following

– Has reading this blog affected you and if so, in what way?

– What topics do you find of most value?  Why?

– What topics would you like to see more of?

– (Any other comments or thoughts are also welcome!)

Hearing what the impact of this blog has been on you and what you want to read more of will help me focus the time I set aside for blogging so it will be of maximum value to you all.  If you’d like to have a say in the direction of this blog, please crawl out of the anonymity of the computer screen and share your thoughts with me in the comments section below!

Thanks for a wonderful nine years and I look forward to another great year to come!



20 thoughts on “Nine year blog anniversary!

  1. I am happy to be the first to comment!! :)
    I started reading your blog after meeting you on JATP. Which was almost 10 years ago. Most valueable topics are homemade recipes (lentil vegetarian meatloaf, oral rehydration fluids, indespensible use of the pressure cooker, and soaking grains and legumes) parenting advice, and trusting your instinct/intuition.

    I would like to see more topics on how to maintain order, scheduling, how to meet everyone’s needs.

    What started off as a mere post on JATP by HappyMom has turned into a real in person friendship :)

  2. Hi Aviva!

    I find the recipes, parenting, frugal living, Weston a Price diet, and your thoughts and opinions on early education to be of most valuable. I’d like to see more posts about frugal living in Israel, keeping organized in a smaller space (compared to a house in America), and what are your weaknesses when it comes to HSing and parenting.

    I continue to be inspired by your writings and how you are raising your family in (IMO) the most ideal way. Thank you for everything you’ve shared over the years!

  3. I started reading your blog about a year before you moved to Israel. I have 7 kids (18 to 28) and many things in common with your parenting style. First and foremost you have reinforced my long held belief that children perceive and notice what we choose not to share with them just as much as what we do share. This knowledge has helped lead me to a place of much greater openness and honesty with them. It is particularly important for my husband and I to model this to our oldest three that are now in committed relationships.
    My most interesting little story of your impact is that when we randomly housed a Pacific Crest Trail hiker from Israel (yes, we picked up a hitchhiker with a backpack!) He wanted to know why I didn’t shake his hand and I replied that I wasn’t sure if he was religious or not and he didn’t put his hand out! He had a beard, a hat and long pants and sleeves! We both chuckled and he told me he was a secular Jew. However, just look at how much I have learned about others! He was also absolutely SHOCKED when he said he was from a small city in the mountains in Northern Israel and I replied KARMEIL!
    The world is smaller every day. Your blog, your outlook, your continual personal growth helps me everyday to be the very best person, mother, wife and friend that I can be. I truly appreciate you and your family and the sacrifice you make to share your life with us. (Jan Pipkin, Lake Tahoe and Manhattan Beach, CA )

  4. Mazel Tov! What a beautiful anniversary!

    I personally benefit most from the parenting and practical raising a family posts. I also am loving the T21 discussion, my nephew is part of that club. Seeing how far being an attentive parent, along with the nutritional supports, can take a child is heartening.

    Wishing you much continued hatzlacha and nachas, and thank you for taking the time to help others as well with your years of accumulated wisdom!

  5. Wow! Happy Blog Anniversary!! I guess that means you have kept me reading for 9 years! Wow, that seems like a long time! I have so much to say about how your blog has impacted my life (although, I think you might have a good idea about that already). I can’t put my thoughts down into coherent answers to your questions right now but just know that you continue to impact my life in a very meaningful way! I hope you continue to blog and share your life with us! Much continued hatzlacha! Love, R

  6. I’m a relative newbie to your blog, but yes, it has already impacted my life and I keep reading knowing there’s more down the road.
    In general, I would say that when you share your own experiences – your stories – with the ups and downs, the feelings you bring to things and how you deal with those feelings, those are the posts the impact me the most, whether I’ve been in that situation or not.
    In particular, your post about you and your son opting to celebrate his bar mitzvah in a way that doesn’t fall into the template of many around you was very helpful to me. It is very hard for me to stay true to myself sometimes amid my surroundings, whether religious or secular.
    Your tenacity in dealing with the health care system here – just gives me hope and strength.
    Actually, as a parent who has kind of run out of steam in many areas, many of your posts give me hope and strength!
    Many thanks and may you go from strength to strength, in your blog and otherwise!

  7. We have been following your blog for about 6 years, first for the great recipes and inexpensive living (chickpea burgers, baked oatmeal) then when we both had children with T21. I enjoy reading your blog and particularly hearing about Yermi.

  8. I have been reading your blog for approx 6 or 7 years now. I enjoy your parenting information the most and in general I am curious about different lifestyles and challenges. Hatzlacha!

  9. I have been reading your blog for the past 5 years and it has greatly changed my views, namely in parenting and healthy living. I cant say I follow everything, but I do make small lifestyle changes that were inspired by you.

    As a chassidish woman from NY I would never be exposed to real life HS’ing, and that is something I appreciate about.

    I would appreciate if you would write more about parenting young children and what works for you. Also, you mentioned a while back that you were doing a neurodevelopmental program for your son. I would like to hear about the outcome of that program. I have a daughter who would benefit from something like that but the time factor is keeping me back. I work and have 5 young children so it would really have to make a big difference for me to invest that kind of effort/time.

  10. Mazal tov!!!! I have really enjoyed the great depth of things you have written about over the years and am constantly impressed with the projects your family takes on (installing your own kitchen cabinets?!).

  11. My husband and I have been avid readers of your blog since we were introduced to it about 6 years ago. You were one of our first introductions to homeschooling, and before taking the leap ourselves, we read every single post of yours related to homeschooling and parenting. Your views on raising kids have definitely shaped our parenting. You introduced us to attachment parenting, healthy discipline and seeing children as capable human beings.

    When people ask me for book recommendations on parenting, I always refer them to your blog and tell them to read the archives.

    I would love to continue seeing more writing on education and raising children of all ages.

    Chazak Ve’Amatz!


  12. I’m trying to remember when I started reading. I’m going to guess about five years; I remember reading back through your archives at some point and that it took a while.

    Externally, the thing people notice is that I know far more about Israel and Judaism than you’d expect (I was raised Catholic, am an atheist, and live in an area of the country with a small Jewish population that is largely Reform). Politically/emotionally I stand with Israel and that is not expected given the rest of the positions in my American political opinions basket.

    Internally I’ve gotten so, so much out of reading. I’d say #1 is that living a mindful, kind life where you deal with everyone, even difficult people in a loving way is work and not magic. And it’s important and worthwhile to put the work in. I also really appreciate the reminders occasionally that self-care is hard and it is not a failure if you let it slip but it is worthy of care and concern.

  13. I enjoy all of your posts but many of the posts that you file under ‘personal development’ speak to me the most.
    You are a real person here, not a movie character with the perfect life. I like that you don’t sugar coat your life. You post the truth about how you feel even when posting your faults and imperfections.
    It validates my feelings. We need to believe in ourselves and love ourselves even with our imperfections. Thanks for the reminders.

  14. Mazal Tov on your anniversary! I have been reading your blog for around 6 years now.
    I always look forward to your posts on parenting and nutrition. You have inspired my parenting style and eating/cooking habits very much.

  15. Our mutual friend Zehava A introduced me to the blog years ago. I often read for validation because we have so many interests in common as well as the general parenting outlook. I would love to see more on parenting teenage to adult children. thanks for all the inspiration and practical advice!

  16. As a mid-40’s first time mom I relish in your posts about your “doing life”. I am from a very small family (parents now passed) and a huge surprise after 17 years of marriage have a small family myself. I am in a place of asking G-d daily, “How do I walk this out?” How I desire to raise my child is not the same way that was modeled to me in the early 70’s. Living in a small rural community, I don’t find others on the same page as I am and yet here and there I get an e-mail in my Inbox with wonderful nuggets from you. The practical info of walking out your daily life, at home and in your community, while staying true to your faith and family is invaluable to me. I am grateful and many thanks!

  17. Hi Avivah-
    How has this blog affected me? I don’t even know where to begin. I began reading it when I was pregnant for the first time and I was blown away. Mindful & purposeful parenting, getting in touch with the unique personalities and needs of each kid, having the CONFIDENCE to dig deep inside yourself to develop and truly LIVE your own beliefs vis-a-vis parenting/homemaking…these are things you have taught me. And many more. I most enjoy the practical posts about homeschooling as well as hearing about the school systems your kids are in. Ad meah v’esrim bezrat Hashem!

  18. Hi Avivah- you already know how much you’ve impacted my life via your blog- you’re the reason i got into weston price/natural foods, bulk buy, homeschool, and live a more natural lifestyle. I can’t say that there’s anything I don’t enjoy on this blog- yours is the only blog i regularly read now, and when you go a while without posting i genuinely and truly miss you.
    Things I’d like to see more of- practicalities of your day to day homeschooling life, and specifically how you teach limudei kodesh and from what ages. Also parenting things in general, especially neufeld style. And I guess shalom bayis tips.
    All in all, a super big shkoyach! And thank you for being so many people’s inspiration.

  19. I’ve known you since TORCH-d days and I’ve witnessed your talents as a writer decades ago. I look forward to your being a homeschool success and advocate in EY, possibly influencing the hs-laws for the positive. Keep up the good work in helping others through your writing/blogging.

  20. Hi Avivah,

    I think you are great and would love to hear your views on how you deal with the internet in your house…

    Be well and Shana Tova!

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