Thank you for blog feedback!

Thank you to those of you who shared your feedback in response to my request.  It was helpful to me to read what was written and to see what wasn’t written!  This has prompted some thinking about how I’m using my time and how to offer maximum value to my readers.

Sometimes I wonder if what I’m writing is of help or not.  I share about what’s on my mind but I don’t know if that’s what you want to hear about!  Hearing what you appreciate and what has been of help to you is so valuable to me.  Your responses also show me that my efforts are appreciated – it’s truly your feedback that keeps me blogging when I’m pressed to do so many other things.

If you’d like to leave feedback and haven’t yet had the chance, it’s not too late!  I’m always happy to have an idea of who is reading and what brings someone here and keeps them reading.


5 thoughts on “Thank you for blog feedback!

  1. I have learned much from you. Your courage in overcoming adversity is inspiring . You are a born leader and role model. Your parenting advice and watching how you deal with your children is heartwarming! I like your upbeat attitude . I miss the recipes that you used to share. Yashir Koach to you for a great blog. I always look forward to reading it.

  2. Dear Avivah, 1st let me start by saying your strength and courage amazes me all the time. I would love to read more about chinuch yeladim, I have 5 oldest 13 and yongest 2. It’s so tough, we just made Aliyah, kids are going through a lot of changes but adjusting better then I am. I would love some lessons on chinuch because it’s getting harder for me to deal with the bigger ones then the little ones. Thank you for all your stories and inspiration.

  3. I really like your posts where you explain how you make your everyday life with kids work in Israel. What you do with your kids and when. How you make plans, where you shop, what you eat, how you store things or renovate things, what you do for Yirmeyahu.
    And thanks for blogging.

  4. Avivah,
    I enjoy your blog very much! Your upbeat, positive attitude and thoughtful parenting are an inspiration. It’s helpful to read and try to absorb some of your mindset as you juggle all your responsibilities. I would appreciate reading more about your parenting struggles and specific relationship building and discipline strategies.

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