Things People With Down Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing – video

Last night we attended the graduation exhibition for dd19, who today will be graduating after three years of college!  (More about that in another post!)  Also in attendance was the sister of a graduate, a young mother who has an infant with T21.  Dd19 happened to have Yirmi (4) with her when she was chatting with her, and they were very encouraged just seeing what a child with Down syndrome actually looks and acts like – not at all like the misconceptions that are typically thrown around.

There are unfortunately a lot of limiting and false beliefs about what Down syndrome is and what it means for the life of the person who has it.  I loved the following clip, sent to me this morning by a blog reader, because it’s so real  – people who themselves have Trisomy 21 responding to common assumptions regarding Down syndrome.

Our expectations are that our four year old son who happens to have T21 will need a bit more time and support but that’s he’s fully capable and will be able to do the things that most of us can do.  Just like any other child!



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