About Avivah

Who I am and how did Leadership Parenting come to be?

I’m Avivah Werner and I’ve been a parenting educator since 1996. At the time, I had just three children and my teaching was focused on helping families who were just starting out.

Time went on, my own family grew – and grew – and grew!  And my challenges grew as well.

I continued to add to my knowledge – reading lots of parenting books, taking classes, religiously applying what I learned to my own family – and while my kids were considered well-behaved by many, parenting felt so hard and draining.  I kept wondering if there was something I was missing.

As a long term student of personal development, I searched for answers outside of the realm of parenting.  As I encountered new ideas, I considered them, I considered some more  – and then my family was the laboratory where I applied various ideas that seemed to make sense.

Some of those ideas were successful, some weren’t.  But I learned from them all.  And I began to experience a new level of satisfaction as my sense of purpose and clarity grew.

I identified six principles for building strong families – connection, compassion, courage, calm, clarity and correction – and these became the foundation of what later became the Leadership Parenting method.

People were constantly asking what I was doing to create the positive and respectful environment they witnessed in our home.  As I shared my thoughts and suggestions with other parents, I was thrilled that this approach to parenting resonated with them, too.  As they applied the principles that I shared, their homes also became happier and more peaceful places.

People have said that my approach is dynamic, inspiring, intuitive and insightful.  Others say my ideas are a blend of timeless wisdom and cutting edge scientific research.

I would simply say, if you want to learn to create an environment of respect and become a powerful and influential person in your child’s life, Leadership Parenting can help you.

No matter how you were raised and what your family life looks like right now, it can get better.  Much, much better.

I’ve had more joy than I imagined possible from my family, and I am passionate about empowering others to experience more connection, peace and harmony and become a respected leaders in their homes!


My big happy family :) – April 2016

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