Are you overwhelmed, stressed and wondering if parenting is supposed to be this hard?

Do you struggle to get your child to do what you ask?

Are you fed up with your child’s negative and disrespectful attitudes but don’t know how to change that?

Do you find yourself ashamed of saying and doing things as a parent that you never dreamed you would do?

If you are looking for real answers and are ready to create different results in your life, you’re in the right place!

I am the founder of the Leadership Parenting method and by sharing my principles, can help you become a powerful and respected leader in your home.     

Together we can find solutions.  You won’t find quick-fix, superficial answers here.  Together we will identify the needs of you and your child and I will guide you accordingly.

“Your compassion, sensitivity and insight are amazing…you are exceptional as a parenting coach.”

I don’t give pat answers and I don’t provide the same solution for each family.  We will identify what issues are blocking you from creating the home environment you desire.

As we address issues at the core/root level, parents are amazed to see external behaviors that don’t seem directly related begin to positively shift. An exclusive focus on correcting external behavior never brings lasting results.

“Knowing you has been an amazing experience for my own personal growth along with my family. Speaking to you on the phone… has been an amazing experience for me and is really helping me find the direction I’ve been looking for.”

My goal is to help you acquire the insight, clarity and practical tools you need to create a respectful and positive home environment, so you can experience calm and joy in your daily family interactions.  

“It was inspiring, affirming, refreshing, and comforting to speak with you. You are truly one of those souls blessed with the ability to listen and assist.”

Are you ready to move toward creating a respectful home environment?

“You’re fabulous, beyond what I was expecting – and I had high expectations.”

I offer the following choices to support you, via Skype, phone or in person meetings:

1) A one-time, one hour session with me for $100.  This is best for those who are on track with their family goals and just need a ‘touch up’.

2) A four session bundle for $360.  This is for those to want to address a particular concern in a systematic way.

3) A ten session bundle at $750 is the most economical choice and is for those interested in transformational change via sustained and supportive weekly meetings.

You want my help but not sure which package you need?   I offer a free 30 minute introductory phone session to determine what consultation package will best meet your needs.  Contact me at and we can set that up!

No matter how old your children are or how long things have been the way they are, it’s never too late to change.

Believe in yourself, believe in your family – and take the first step today toward becoming a respected leader in your home!

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