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Exploring flower essences for healing

I’ve recently begun reading about flower essences – Bach flower essences, to be specific.  There are lots of flower essences out there, but until now I’ve never been interested in exploring how or why they work. Flower essences, like homeopathy, work on an energetic basis.  That means they reach under the physical cause of unwellness and address the deeper cause.

Several days ago I did a very interesting experiment with three of my kids.  I read that one can look at pictures of the flowers that are made into essences, and you can access your intuitive side by paying attention to which flowers are most appealing to you.  I spontaneously decided to try this when my ds7 was seriously overreacting to someone – which he’s been doing a lot lately and is rooted in something deeper than just behavior.  So I called him over to the computer and told him to pick out his favorite picture.  He chose two – and when I looked at the explanation for each of these essences, it was uncanny how perfectly they described him.

Then I called over my oldest two kids and told them to do the same thing.  My oldest son saw me ask my ds7 and read the explanation of those essences along with me, and after a brief explanation, understood why I was asking them.  Dd15 had no idea why I was asking but I guess she figured it would be interesting!

They made a list of their favorites, then narrowed it down to a list of about 5 – 7.  When I read off each explanation for the essences my son chose – every single one pointed to the same core issue, one that he readily admits is what he has to work on.   Then I read out the explanations for my dd, and she and my ds were again laughing and simultaneously fascinated at how incredibly accurate it was.

I’ve taken both ds16 and dd15 in the last few months for a visit to our chiropractor, who does energy work – and what the flower essences reflected was exactly what the chiro said when she did energy work on them.  Really, really interesting.  She clears away layers of emotional bad energy, but I don’t know how to do that, and I often have wished there was something I could do to access that level of healing without having to turn to someone else.  Enter the flower essences. :)

I’m aiming to buy the entire kit of essences so I can start using them to help the kids.  So far I’ve made a list of essences that would be suitable for myself and five of the kids so far, based on reading different explanations about each essence and the personality type/quality it works on.  Now I just have to aquire them!  Bach flower essences were intended to be used by regular people, meaning you don’t have to be a trained practitioner to know how to use them (unlike homeopathy).   The kit isn’t a minor purchase, but I think it will be a fun, interesting, and helpful modality to use to further the good health of our family.