Is your child disrespectful, aggressive or defiant?

Does your child act as if she’s in charge and tells you
what to do?

angry kid

Is your child verbally or even physically aggressive  towards you?

Do you wish your child would listen to what you say and stop arguing about every request you make?

Have you tried everything you can think of to make things better but nothing has helped – and are now overwhelmed, discouraged and out of hope?

woman with her children fighting in the background

You’re not alone.  So many parents are frustrated and worn out by their child’s disrespectful attitudes and behaviors.

I’m Avivah Werner, parenting expert, speaker and writer.  My gift is to help you recognize and reclaim the power you have, then learn to maximize that power to become a respected leader in your home!

Sometimes it seems that having kind and respectful children is the luck of the draw.  But it’s not as mysterious or even impossible as it seems.

Would you try to build a house with rusty nails and a broken saw?  If you did, would you be surprised that the results of your efforts would be quite discouraging?

Don’t try to build a family – a lot harder than building a house! – with rusty techniques and outdated thinking!!!

To build a strong, loving and respectful family, you need the right tools.   Without the right information and the right tools, you’re not going to be able to succeed.  You aren’t failing – it’s the approach that you’ve adopted that isn’t working for you.

Leadership Parenting empowers you to shift your understanding of your role as a parent, leading you to change the way you think, speak and act.  When you trade ineffective and outdated thinking about parenting with an empowering approach to parenting, your family life will begin to improve.  Significantly.

Learn to become a powerful leader in your home.  Apply the principles of Leadership Parenting and watch the changes take place in your own family.

Let go of the daily conflict and frustration.  Get connected, get clarity, get calm – and become a powerful and respected leader in your home!

Do you want to make a change in your life?  Join Avivah on the Leadership Parenting journey today!

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