Thank you for your wonderful feedback!  I’m honored to be able to support you.

-“I felt very discouraged because of the negative interactions taking place within my home.  I was shocked and hurt that a home filled with disrespect was the result of my many efforts.  This was the prize for all the hard work and love I had invested in my children?   Avivah came for a visit to assess the situation in the home.  It was hard to face some of the mistakes I had been making but once I became aware I also became empowered.  We worked out a plan of action that was extremely effective and the results are a more pleasant atmosphere and more loving interactions with me and my children. ”

“I am a parenting educator myself, but when I was in a tough situation with one of my kids, Avivah was the first person I turned to. I trusted her warm, non-judgmental demeanor, and the diversity of her experience as the mother of many kids appealed to me. Avivah’s advice was practical, insightful and sensitive. I felt like I wanted to talk to her again and again. She helped me to focus in on the imbalance in my relationship that was at the root of the issues that I was experiencing. Her advice reflected years of study and inner work, but at the same time, was totally within reach. I was able to begin making changes right away and thank G-d have already seen improvement. I feel comfortable recommending that anyone with parenting challenges talk with Avivah.”

“Thank you for helping me make a better life for my family!”

-“Your blog has helped me so much over the past few years and tends to speak the messages I need to hear at the times I most need it. .. I am so grateful to you. It’s amazing to me how you don’t know me at all but have had a significant hand in helping me raise my children.  ” Miriam H, NY

“You’re fabulous, beyond what I was expecting for my consultation- and I had high expectations.  Your incredible spirituality, sensitivity and compassion amazed me.” – Erica P, Maryland

“You have changed my life infinitely, for the better. You have helped me and taught me so much over the past years. You have impacted my relationship with my children. You have impacted their education. Overall, you have made my life a lot better.” – R. W, Arizona

– “I wanted also to thank you for making such a difference in me and my life. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and that I was able to take that class with you…. I wanted you to know that you have made a tremendous impact on my life. I know that you know I grew up in a very unhappy dysfunctional home and I’ve had to work very very hard at building myself and trying to create a happy home. I never forget the people who step into my life, sometimes very briefly, sometimes for longer, and make impressions on me that I carry forever and help change me as a person and as a mother. You are one of those people!  Thank you!  P.S. I love your blog!” – YK, Maryland

“You and your wisdom are a blessing in my life.  Thank you.”

 “Thank you so much. It was inspiring, affirming, refreshing, and comforting to speak with you. You are truly one of those souls blessed with the ability to listen and assist.” – H. Gordon, Pennsylvania

–  “Just wanted to let you know-im gaining SO SO much from your class. i …feel like a different person-i can take care of my family so much better.  Thank you, and i cant wait to learn more!” – Michal K, Maryland

– “Your blog, your outlook, your continual personal growth helps me everyday to be the very best person, mother, wife and friend that I can be. I truly appreciate you and your family and the sacrifice you make to share your life with us.”

– “Knowing you has been an amazing experience for my own personal growth along with my family. Speaking to you on the phone, taking your classes, and reading your blog has been an amazing experience for me and is really helping me find the direction I’ve been looking for.”

– “Know that your words inspire and help so many of us and I pray God blesses you and your family with only joy and happiness.”

– “Your message in parenting has always been one of hope and belief in the parents’ abilities. You change people’s lives, Avivah.  Know that when you help one family you affect change not only in that family but in future generations as well. There will be ripple effects all the way down the generations.” – Y.Kushner., Maryland

– “Thanks for a wonderful class!  I so look forward to it every week!” – S.T. Kornbluth, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

-“We’ve never met but you’ve been a real role model to me through your blog!”

– “You ARE an amazing mother – and what I really, really like when I read your posts about what you do and what you have helped your children achieve, is that I am never left feeling with “well, I just don’t understand how you do it” – which is something that “experts” often made me feel (only in the “I don’t understand how they expect me to do this” way) – but I always feel “Oh, I SEE how you’ve done it – I can give it a go myself ! And you know what ? Unlike so much of the “expert” advice – it works. So you are not just an amazing mother – you are an amazing role model, encouraging more of us to try and be amazing mothers ourselves.”

“You have taught me how to grow as a person and a mother.” 

– “I am only one of many many readers who read your posts because of the incredible encouragement, strength, hope and clarity you give over. I certainly see you on a higher level and I think you are blessed to be there, that is your station in life and you are an inspiration to many people.”

– “How has this blog affected me? I don’t even know where to begin. I began reading it when I was pregnant for the first time and I was blown away. Mindful & purposeful parenting, getting in touch with the unique personalities and needs of each kid, having the CONFIDENCE to dig deep inside yourself to develop and truly LIVE your own beliefs vis-a-vis parenting/homemaking…these are things you have taught me. And many more.”

– “I have learned much from you. Your courage in overcoming adversity is inspiring. You are a born leader and role model. Your parenting advice and watching how you deal with your children is heartwarming! I like your upbeat attitude.”

– “Your upbeat, positive attitude and thoughtful parenting are an inspiration.”

–  “Your strength and courage amazes me all the time. Thank you for all your stories and inspiration.”

– “I continue to be inspired by your writings and how you are raising your family in (IMO) the most ideal way. Thank you for everything you’ve shared over the years!” – Rachel Siegel, Israel

– “Reading your blog has made a real difference in my life as my approach to spending has changed and your perspective on child rearing has been very helpful for me.  Thank you for all your insight into life and sharing with me through your blog.”

– “I’m a relative newbie to your blog, but it has already impacted my life and I keep reading knowing there’s more down the road.  In general, I would say that when you share your own experiences – your stories – with the ups and downs, the feelings you bring to things and how you deal with those feelings, those are the posts the impact me the most, whether I’ve been in that situation or not.  As a parent who has kind of run out of steam in many areas, many of your posts give me hope and strength!” J. Montel, Israel

–  “I think that almost everyone of your posts enhances my life in some way!
Your blog is such an honest source of inspiration!  There are so many people out there know trying so hard to inspire people but your openness, honesty and real-ness inspire in a genuine way!  Thank you! I have really learnt so much from you!”

– “Thank you Avivah! I am so grateful to that you share you thoughts and inspirations with us!”

– “Your blog has been so inspiring to me as we have traversed this journey out of Christianity and into Judaism. When you didn’t grow up in a particular religion/culture and come into it as an adult you don’t always have someone to guide you in everyday things from that perspective. You have really helped me to parent my girls from a different point of view that has been so positive :) for that I am grateful.” 

– “WOW!!!!! Avivah, I am just soooo impressed and amazed!!!! Thank you soooo much for sending me your blog info… ever since, I’ve been sitting and reading and searching your site everyday!!! You are doing such a great thing by helping and teaching others…. How incredible…THANK YOU!!!!!”

– “My husband and I have been avid readers of your blog since we were introduced to it about 6 years ago.  Your views on raising kids have definitely shaped our parenting.  You introduced us to attachment parenting, healthy discipline and seeing children as capable human beings.”

-“Does it seem strange if a complete stranger pops up on the internet and says they love you ? If so, let me reframe – I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, have since caught up an all your years of writing, and there is rarely a post that does not fill me with gratitude that I have found you and that you keep writing and sharing your thoughts with the world. I am so sorry whenever I hear that you have had a hard time, but so glad when I see with how much wisdom and grace you emerge through the crisis. I rarely comment, but probably should more often, even if it is just to say “thank you”.

So, thank you, Avivah – you don’t know me, I only know of you what you choose to share with the online world – but you have been a shining light in my life over the last couple of years, and I only hope that at some point in the future I can pay this forward by lighting up the way for someone else and helping others learn the way you helped me.”  – Allegra, UK

– “I’ve gotten so, so much out of reading. I’d say #1 is that living a mindful, kind life where you deal with everyone, even difficult people in a loving way is work and not magic. And it’s important and worthwhile to put the work in. I also really appreciate the reminders occasionally that self-care is hard and it is not a failure if you let it slip but it is worthy of care and concern.”

You are ALWAYS.an inspiration, regardless of the topic you are posting about. I find useful tidbits that i can apply to my life even when the subject matter would not typically “talk” to me.  I’m thankful that we are privileged to have access to your wisdom. I get so excited when I see a new post in my inbox. Keep it coming! 

– “I enjoy all of your posts but many of the posts that you file under ‘personal development’ speak to me the most.  You are a real person here, not a movie character with the perfect life.  I like that you don’t sugar coat your life. You post the truth about how you feel even when posting your faults and imperfections.  It validates my feelings. We need to believe in ourselves and love ourselves even with our imperfections. Thanks for the reminders.”

“You already know how much you’ve impacted my life via your blog.  I can’t say that there’s anything I don’t enjoy on this blog- yours is the only blog i regularly read now, and when you go a while without posting i genuinely and truly miss you.  Thank you for being so many people’s inspiration.”

– “Thank you for taking the time to help others with your years of accumulated wisdom!”

– “Your words are literal balm for my soul! God bless you. I’ve been trying to keep the proper perspective but was struggling. I feel so affirmed and uplifted now! I’d give you a hug right now if I could.” – H.Gordon, Pennsylvania

“thanks for all the inspiration and practical advice!”

– “The practical info of walking out your daily life, at home and in your community, while staying true to your faith and family is invaluable to me. I am grateful and many thanks!”

“Thank you so much for your blog.  I read it regularly and never fail to come away with a new idea, thought, or inspiration.”

– “I am learning so much and receiving much encouragement from reading your blog. Your writing and experiences have far reaching effects!”

– “I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, and would like to tell you that you are doing a fantastic job! You probably don’t realize that you influence so many people in a positive way without knowing about it.”

– “Just wanted to say thanks for blogging … It keeps us talking and considering.”

– “I love your blog. It is one of the few out there that I consistently leave with a warm positive feeling.

– “you inspire me”.

– “You’re inspirational in the way you point out how to prioritize your life- it sounds like obvious advice, but the point you made about knowing what you want, what your priorities are, and what you want to see and what’s important was a life-changing revelation for us. You inspire us to think, really -think- about what we want in life, what we want our children to understand, what’s really, actually important.

We’re not Jewish. We’re not a huge family. We’re not much like your family at all- except that we want our children to love each other, we want them to be respectful, and we want most of all to keep their joy in life alive and thriving! And in that way, you are an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with.”- Kyoki Marie

–  “Your blog has been very transformative in my life.  My husband refers to you as ‘Blogestzin’.  Thank you.”

– “I love your blog..I’ve been reading and enjoying..and learning sooo much!!  Thank you!!”

– “I want to thank you for the impact you have had on our family. My husband was referred to your blog several months ago and since then, we have both become avid readers.  We enjoy every post and use your comments as springboards for conversations and discussions on our family life. The perspectives that you share have become invaluable to us, and force us, as parents, to think about the decisions we make and the effect they have on our family. ”

“Hi Aviva. Your lifestyle is truly inspiring!!”

– “I think when you are surveying your life and wondering about your accomplishments etc…you should remember and think about all the of the lives you touched by just being you…by being a role-model to so many other people, by sharing so much on your blog. For me personally, you have had an untold impact on my life and that of my kids. You are doing much more than mothering your own kids…you are helping all of us mother ours too!”

– “Thank you for sharing both your feelings and reasoning on so many issues. I find it helpful, affirmative, and reaffirming as well!”

– “Your blog is the only blog I read all the time. I’ve popped into a few others here and there but never stuck with any of them. Yours is the only one. I always learn something from what you write. And I love that you write about so many different things. Please keep writing…you are so inspiring!”

“You’ve certainly made MY world a better place! Thank you, Avivah!”

– “i don’t follow many blogs, and am beyond impressed with yours…. i’m just saying you are a huge blessing, wide, well written concentric circles reaching out so far beyond what you will ever know..”

– “I have to tell you that your blog is my internet ‘home page’. When I open the internet, I always see your blog first. Why did I do that? Well, I ALWAYS enjoy reading what you write. I would say about 95% of the time, I learn from it. A huge percentage of the time, I’m uplifted by it. Almost always, I’m encouraged by it — encouraged to do something more than I do.”

– “I’ve sent countless people “clippings” of your blog (always quoting you and directing them to your blog). I’ve sent countless people to your blog for advice. Every time I have a new idea, my husband always asks “What does Avivah do/say”? (In a cheeky way, he knows I read your blog and I take a lot of ideas from you.) I’ve learned so much about being a person, homeschooling, parenting, homemaking, cooking, frugality, living etc etc from you. I could probably go on and on. I’ve always wondered how you found the time to blog and write such purposeful, insightful, well-written pieces  – and also to comment back on the comments! All I can say is that I’m one person in a small community way out here and I feel like you’ve touched my life immeasurably. You are an amazing person and you’ve truly done so much for so many people!” – R.W., Arizona

– “I found your blog via your “Too Good to be Healthy Peanut Butter Cups” and have been hooked since! You have a wonderful blog and I truly enjoy reading through it.”

– “I’ve been homeschooling my kids now for about four months. now we’ve gotten used to a new routine, and everyone is so happy. I remember all the things I’ve read on your amazing blog. I wanted to thank you, because just knowing you’ve done/are doing this with an even larger family gives me such encouragement.”

– “I found your blog a few months ago and really enjoy reading it. It has encouraged me to eat healthier and cheaper. I am trying out some of the recipes , and I hope to try out many more. Where I live, homeschooling is not really an option but I love hearing about how you do it, and how much your children gain in so many ways. Your parenting posts are very insightful , and even though your kids are much older than mine, I find it has given me insight even for young children.” – Kaila

– “I started reading your blog and I’m amazed at the sheer knowledge that you seem to know!!”

– “I suppose I first found interest in your blog because I was homeschooling at the time and found your blog a pleasure to read. Later I had discipline issues with my children and found you have such a beautiful way of handling these issues. I keep coming back to try and try again to absorb your parenting strategies. I admire you and enjoy your fascinating blog.”

– “I read your blog because it’s always interesting, and often truly and *practically* inspiring.”

– “Avivah, you mean more to me than someone I don’t know in “real” life should and your blog has improved the quality of my life. I found your blog while searching for Jewish homeschooling advice when I knew that leaving my screaming two year-old at camp was not the right thing, although, everyone in my family and community, advised me that it was perfectly normal. So, I found you one night after nursing my five week old and read through the archives for hours, which since I was already sleep-deprived was a testament to how much I instantly loved your blog! You became my unofficial mentor that night. I could go on and on, I love your parenting advice, your marital advice, your alternative medicine remedies, your knowledge on many types of holistic therapies, your frugality, hearing about your incredible family. Your blog has moved me to tears, moved me to better myself and my family in myriad ways and for that I love you and your blog!” – D. Roth., Florida

– “I love your blog, I was just introduced to it by a friend! Amazing, thank u.”

– “What I found most attracting to your blog was the information about homeschooling, and about food (everything related to food). What really has kept me here is the deep respect and honour that you offer to your children, how you listen to them. I see that the way you treat your children is stellar.” – S. Rocklin, Canada

– “what an impressive site you have!! very inspiring.”

– “I just wanted to thank you for your post regarding DH. I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom. That month, I had spoken to family, to therapists, to rabbis, and I was so confused (wondering about getting divorced).  And your clearly worded and thoughtful message helped me make the decision to work with him and see. But really–I was struggling minute by minute, hour by hour, trying to find what to do. Of course, God was there to guide, but your post hit the nail on the head. Thank you a thousand times over.

– “I really enjoy your blog and have gained a tremendous amount from your ideas and insights. I especially appreciate the parenting posts, and I also really like the posts where you tell about your day and just what’s happening in your life. I think those posts are really valuable since they model a positive, upbeat, responsible, take-charge approach to daily life and its challenges, and reading them always helps me put a new spin on my day. Although I am putting limits on my internet usage since I find that it can often be a time-drainer, I think that checking your blog remains a valuable use of my time.”

– “We have been following your blog now for around three months. Some of the changes that we have made during these past months include shopping by thrift shops (and saving hundreds of dollars) and resolving to home school one of our children this year. Substantial changes indeed. We are currently working on getting our food shopping expenses on budget. Your blog has been instrumental in affecting these changes.” – G. Roth, New Jersey

– “for me this blog is a touch stone of sanity- it keeps things in perspective. i know how hard you try to convey that you are not a superhero (even though we all think you are!) and that what you do just takes hard work and discipline- so reading your posts on saving money and teaching your family helps me to remember that i can do those things too. in spite of challenges, i can apply myself to the task at hand- often seriously asking, “what would avivah do?” and go ahead and handle it. i think that would kind of unravel without your blog. this is my daily dose of inspiration to stay on the right track and to remind myself of where my priorities are. this is my chizuk for doing the right thing in spite of what “everyone” else is doing. this is how i treat myself well and kindly when things in real life are getting hairy scary- i read and re-read your blog.” – Julie Bass, Michigan

– “Avivah, I found your blog just a couple of months ago when someone sent me a link about homeschooling and have been following it ever since! My husband makes fun of how often I talk about my new “friend” Avivah :-) Your views on parenting, homeschooling, home managing, economics, life…everything really I find inspirational. Reading about how you handle your life in almost all aspects enriches how I handle my life.”

– “I read your blog almost every day.  I enjoy reading your nutritional menus for ideas. I love your perspective on almost every thing. I especially enjoy your parenting posts to give me encouragement that with time, kids do appreciate all the love and discipline we give our kids.” L. Neumark, Maryland

– “i’m so happy i stumbled across your blog! i’ve been looking for inspiration for years and only wish i found it sooner! you are living a life i hope to one day be living- from how you raise your kids to how you cook and everything in between. i admire that you believe in something and live it, with happiness. i just wish i knew how you had all the energy to do it! i love how you have a good relationship with your older kids and i love reading about them. your approach is fantastic and i give you so much credit for shaping such amazing human beings. everyone relies on someone else to shape our kids and what about the parents? the average home-life is falling apart (high divorce rate) and you are a living example of someone living in the 21st century who nurtures her family. bringing the good ole’ traditions back into reality. it’s refreshing. very refreshing!” – E. Berkovits

– “A friend of mine sent a link to your blog in 2010. At the time I was just a bit overdue with our fourth child and reading how you handled being overdue at the time gave me so much perspective and brought so much calmness and clarity in my life! Since then I’ve read your blog daily. Recently I was asked to speak at a womens’ gathering and I spoke about you a lot. I spoke about how much I admire you and hope that somehow I will be able to raise my children to be the kind of people you are raising yours. I find your blog very inspiring in terms of parenting advise, recipes, natural remedies and much more.  I often find myself thinking – what would Avivah do?” – Yamit, Eastern Europe

– “Avivah, you are my touchstone. I read your blog daily. Several years ago I realized that I would have to reach very far outside of my community in order to find like-minded friends and role models for our alternative lifestyle. You have inspired me in countless ways.  I have never read a single post on your blog (and I have read them all!) in which the tone or the message was disrespectful or disdainful of choices different from your own. So, if your time and energy permit I would hope that you keep writing. I would miss you and your thoughts very much and would feel that something very precious had disappeared.” – S. Zohari, CO

– “I do very much enjoy reading your blog (and I get wonderful recipes too!). I get a lot of encouragement from reading ideas from someone who takes parenting seriously in all aspects (spiritual, nutritional, educational, etc.). I also appreciate you sharing the results of your extensive research with us so we get the benefits quickly.” – R. Masinter, Maryland

– “Avivah, your blog is so so inspiring to me. I have a friend who reads as well and we regularly discuss your blog. I have learned so much about frugality and food choices from you, and mostly admire the example you set with such a large and beautiful family.” – Chana

– “your blog has been a lifeline for me in so many ways.” – D. Handwerger

– “I wish to add my gratitude to you and your blog.  I was amazed and awed that someone uses their time and effort (mental/spiritual/physical) to give over some of their wisdom through a blog. For the longest time I though bloggers a bunch of vain blowhards. You changed my mind — although I still read very few blogs. I feel an attachment to you and your readers even if many of us have not met in real life.” – Yael Aldrich

– “I have been reading your blog for the past year and a half. I try to come on at least once a week. It is the only blog which read on a regular basis. I love your positive attitude. You are a role model in parenting. I am fascinated by your homeschooling and would love more articles on that as we are homeschooling but not in the traditional way. I also love your post about frugal living.” – Rivky, Australia

– “I originally found your blog and started reading because of the similar household/life views that you hold regarding thrift, cooking, family, gardening etc. An unexpected aspect was about all things Jewish as I have no real contact with anyone Jewish and I’ve found hearing about your religion and life very interesting although I don’t share the same beliefs.”

– “I have been following your blog for quite a while now though I have never commented before. You have been such an inspiration to me! We all tend to go with the flow these days and unfortunately that means to take things easy and to go the easier albeit not better way. You have encouraged me to do more and to be more. Even if it’s hard. I love all your parenting advice and your wisdom in all areas of life. I have never read a post that was disrespectful to anyone, you have just been your true self and we love you for it.  I would like to thank you for all the wonderful information you have shared with us in the past.” – Esther Silver

– “Avivah, your blog has been life changing for me. You’ve inspired me to be a better me, gave me a role model when it comes to deciding how to raise my kids, convinced me that homeschooling is the right decision for my kids, taught me so much about frugality and health and combining the two, have changed my whole view on what foods are healthy and what is not, and about natural healing, etc. This list goes on and on.  I view your blog as a very important resource.  Just know that you’ve made a huge difference in many people’s lives.” – R. Peskin, Israel

– “PLEASE keep blogging–I know I’m being selfish in stating it like that. As a leader and a mentor (and I’m not saying this lightly) you have people who turn to you for guidance. My husband for one thinks I’m addicted to your blog and every once in a while asks me if “The Blog told me to do that.”

“I just wanted to thank you for blogging about your parenting experience. I have been trying to figure out how to teach my 2.5 year old about boundaries and appropriate behavior in the house and have been struggling. I read about your technique of correcting the inappropriate behavior and …since I’ve been implementing it, my time with my kids has been much more pleasant and relaxed, and I even have energy left after putting them to bed. Thank you so much – this has been a tremendous encouragement.”

– “You are a gentle soul, a wise and mature woman, a caring and compassionate wife and mother. And you are very well liked, even admired, by many.” – Danielle Sullivan, Maryland

– “Avivah, I have never commented before but I read your blog regularly. I really enjoy reading and learning new things. Most of all I am inspired by your attitude towards parenting and life in general.”

“I really want to thank you for this blog, when I read your posts I feel myself saying, yes yes, finally someone talking sense, it just resonates in such a deep way with me, thank you!”

– “I love your blog, and I’m so glad you have continued to share your wisdom. My personal favorite subjects include menus and recipes (always trying new things!), homesteading ideas, your personal experiences with homeschooling and various educational opportunities out there, anecdotes about you and your family, frugal tips… Those are the things that come immediately to mind, anyway. Thank you for taking the time to do it. It’s a lot to put out there! Thank you so much for all you do.” – Kerith Earlix, Georgia

– “I so admire you and all you do for others and the example you set.”

– “I think you should know that there are probably more people reading and gaining from your blog than you even realize :) I know I have steered a few moms your way….thank you for sharing your life with us :)” – Gila Weiss, Florida

– “you are so awesome and so REAL!  i wish more people were courageous enough to go against the flow and inspire others…”

– “WOW!!!!!  Avivah, I am just soooo impressed and amazed!!!!  Thank you soooo much for your blog … I’ve been sitting and reading and searching your site everyday!!!  You are doing such a great thing by helping and teaching others…. How incredible…THANK YOU!!!!!”

– “I just want to let you know you are a true inspiration. I have been following your blog for almost a year now and I really look up to you as a woman/wife/mother and I truly value your outlook.”

– “It’s your advice and guidance that really helped so much. Thank you again.”

– “Really, *really* loving this blog! A friend e-mailed me with the link to it and I’ve been reading article after article. I’m sure I’ll be up late reading more. Thank you so much!   Truly inspiring to continue on the path we’re on.  Thank you!”

– “What an inspirational blog! I’m really enjoying it!”

– “You are a great inspiration to me!”

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