Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – the book

Several books on nutrition have been mentioned in the comments recently, but not everyone has access to a library that carries the books they’re interested in, or even any library at all!  Dr. Weston Price wrote extensively on his travels in the 1930s to many places where he was able to observe the native culture as well as the effects of modernization on the health of younger generations.  The title of his book is Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects.  This book is the starting place for anyone interested in the traditional foods approach to eating, and if this is all you can read, it will be enough.  I thought that some of you would appreciate being able to read it for free online here .   

There’s also a huge amount of information online about this approach to healthful eating, which is what I initially started with and stayed busy with for a long time.  When I was finally able to get the books, I appreciated being able to systematically get the information, since it was cobbled together in my head from here and there.  But there honestly hasn’t been much that I’ve read that came as something totally new after all of my online reading.

I hope this is helpful!


6 thoughts on “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – the book

  1. Oh, just a little ruse to get lurkers to comment. :)) Naah, just joking, I fixed it so it should be fine now. Enjoy!

  2. that is definitely the best book to start with, wish I would have known it was free before we ordered it. Although, it is nice to have the actual copy to show people (as we just did on Shabbos) when they seem perplexed about my menu and why I make most things instead of buying them processed when it’s “so much easier to do that”.

  3. Free is definitely a plus, but I personally don’t like reading online if I can read a hard copy. And like you said, you can share your book now that you have it!

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