Reconnecting with old friend

It’s funny and inspiring the things that happen sometimes!

I recently was contacted by an old friend who moved to South Africa years ago.   Since the contact information I had for her changed, and she lost my mine, somewhere back in November 2006 was our last of our sporadic emails.  Several months ago, a mutual friend was visiting South Africa, so friend no. 1 asked friend no. 2 if she had contact info for me.  “No, sorry”, replied, friend no. 1, who I haven’t been in touch with for over ten years! 

Well, friend no. 1’s husband works for a school in South Africa, and at the end of this past November he traveled to England for a week to do some school related work.  While he was there, he picked up a popular Orthodox womens’ magazine that is distributed internationally but not available in South Africa to take back to his wife, thinking she’d enjoy it.  A couple of weeks later she was finally sitting down with it, and when she started reading the article about home education, it reminded her of me.  And then, lo and behold, she got to the end of the article and saw that I was the author, and my contact information was included!  Isn’t it amazing that the only issue she got was the only one I had an article in?

So thanks to my Binah magazine article, it helped two long out of touch friends reconnect!  But wait – it gets better!  My friend has two weddings to attend in Israel, and I mentioned to her that I’d also be visiting.  But from the dates she included for her trip (beginning of Jan.), it was obvious that we’d totally miss one another.  When I emailed her back to express my regret that our travel dates weren’t overlapping at all and told her my arrival date, she responded that we actually would be arriving in Israel exactly the same day!  It seems she had mistakenly written January instead of February!

She’ll be staying in Jerusalem, and since I’ll be in Jerusalem for three days, I’m very much hoping that we can meet for dinner or something to finally see each other in person!  After all of this serendipity pushing us together, it would almost be a crime not to!

Isn’t it amazing how Hashem (G-d) makes things happen to happen?


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