Colonial Williamsburg homeschool days

Instead of our annual family camping trip, this year we decided to do something different.  We’ll be spending five days in Colonial Williamsburg, which we’re really looking forward to!

I planned the trip around the dates for the homeschool days – twice a year there are special rates for homeschoolers that are drastically cheaper than the regular price.  If tickets are ordered in advance, then the price for adults for five days is $15.50, for kids (over the age of 5) it’s $13.50.  This is an amazingly good price, since the usual price for one day is $36 per adult, and $18 per child.  We don’t know yet if ds17 will be joining us or not, but if he does, the admission price for all ten of us for the entire time will only be $100.

Since the kids are studying early American history this year, this trip is especially timely and I think knowing so much about the time period will enhance their appreciation of being in Colonial Williamsburg.   I like the idea of going for five days, since there’s so much to do and see.  It’s not fun rushing around feeling like you have to get your money’s worth, which is the tendency when you go for just a day, and in this way, we’ll be able to enjoy ourselves without running ourselves down.  We’ll also have time to enjoy the amenities at the unit we’re renting – it’s a furnished 4 bedroom with kitchen facilities and a washer/dryer, and there is an indoor pool, game room, and playgrounds that the kids may want to check out.

The deadline to order the tickets at the most reduced price is Feb. 15, but you can still get discounted prices if you show up there – it’s just not as cheap.  If you’re interested in the information about the homeschool days, you can check it out below:

I’m still in Israel, but by sharing this now, I hope it will give those of you who are interested time to make plans!


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