Putting house on the market

There’s been a lot to do around here lately, but some things just can’t be pushed off any longer, and one of those things is getting our house on the market.  I had a secret dream that someone would hear that our house was for sale and sign a purchase contract before we officially put it on the market, sparing me from strangers coming into my house and looking around.  It’s not exactly an easy thing to keep a house in showcase condition with 10 people using it all day long

But as our moving date got closer and the dreamed about scenario didn’t materialize, it was clear that Hashem had a better plan for us.  So on Sunday we had a meeting with a real estate agent to discuss working with us, and then today he came by to sign the paperwork.  A photographer will be coming in the morning to take pictures of the house – which I find a little daunting.  Not because my house isn’t wonderful – it is!  But I don’t know how well it will photograph- the house is in good condition, we’ve done a lot of work, and it’s perfectly set up for a family to enjoy – but pictures of bedrooms with double bunkbeds aren’t typically what I think buyers find appealing.  :)  It’s definitely better seen in person.

Be that as it may, my job is to make my effort, not to think that I can control the process or orchestrate the desired outcome.  I have two appointments tomorrow morning one after another – one for ds8 to have his final dental work, then immediately afterward I’ll take ds3 for his pre-op physical for the dental work he’ll be getting in June (under general anesthesia).  The best time for the photographer was at the same time as my first appointment, so I told them to come and one of my teens will let them in.

We should have the sign up in front by Friday, and he asked about having a showing this Sunday, but I told him it will have to wait until Monday.  Since Sunday is the Torah Home Education Conference (if you haven’t yet made plans to be there – make them – it’s going to be awesome!), and my mom will be watching our kids here, I won’t ask her to take everyone out for a few hours.  I made up a regular time every day that I’ll be out of the house with the kids to give both the realtor and myself some structure to work with – this was a suggestion a wonderful woman I spoke with Sunday night made to me that I thought was a great idea.

With Hashem’s help, our house will sell quickly and easily to a wonderful buyer who will love our house as much as we do and be an asset to the neighborhood!


2 thoughts on “Putting house on the market

  1. you mentioned your mom here so it made me think, “how does she feel about the move? she’ll probably miss her grandchildren terribly.” or maybe she’ll just decide to join you guys 😉

    1. She’ll really miss us terribly, but she and her husband decided that since we’re going, they’ll move to Israel in the near future to join us. They’ve already opened an aliyah file, and are aiming for January 2012.

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