Me and my dd11

I don’t often do this, but just for fun I felt like putting up a picture that someone emailed me.  We were at a bat mitzva for a friend’s daughter on Thursday, and all mothers and daughters in each family were invited.  Dd16 and dd15 did all the baking and some cooking and organizing as well, and while they were busy being involved in running around and getting food sent out from the kitchen to the guests, a friend across the table from me got a picture of me and dd11.

Me and my youngest daughter.  We rarely get a picture with just the two of us.  Isn’t she lovely?


** It seems this isn’t showing up for a number of you – I’m wondering if it’s not showing up for ALL of you!  If you can see it, please let me know.  It shows up for me even when I’m not signed in and am a visitor to my site, and I can’t even begin to guess why it wouldn’t show up for anyone else.  Sorry for the tease in posting a picture you can’t see!  

18 thoughts on “Me and my dd11

    1. This is so strange!! Is there anyone who *can* see this??? I’ve shown all my family members this picture by opening up the blog page, and it appears after loading for a second or two.

      I just re-added the picture, and though it looks exactly the same to me, hopefully something about the change will make it visible for others!

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