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For a long time, I’ve been displeased with the font size on my blog – it was automatically set very small when I chose the WordPress theme. And when I’ve noticed others using the same WP theme, they also have very small fonts. I’d like to change the font to make it easier for people to read, but I haven’t found a way to change this so that it will stay that way for every post.

The only choice I have that I’m aware of now is to manually input the html code before every single paragraph that I write. As you can imagine, this is a little laborious and I don’t think I’ll realistically be able to make that extra effort every single time I post, but in any case, it’s hard for me to believe in the 21st century that this is necessary!

In my last post, I manually added in the code – you can see the difference in text size by looking at that and looking at this post. I realize that the font size shows up differently in different browsers, so I don’t know how most of you reading feel about this. So I’d like to get your feedback on this.

Please let me know – do you find the automated font size difficult to read? Or is it just right? Did you find the last post easier to read, or was it too large? If you’re a techie and know of a quick and easy way to reset the automated font to be bigger, please let me know!

In the absence of feedback, I’ll assume the current font is comfortable for most of you to read and continue with the automated smaller font size.


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  1. Looking back at the last blog the font size is bigger, but I didn’t even notice it, so for e you don’t have to change it. Always looking forward to a new post, keep it up if you can, but I realize with a little one on the way you have other priorities, make sure you rest enough. Dineke

  2. I prefer the larger font. At times, I have changed the zoom on my computer screen to make the automatic small font easier to read. However, I also realize what a pain it would be to have to manually do it for every paragraph. So, I guess I would say to change it if you can find a good way to do it automatically, and don’t worry about it if you can’t. After all, we are all still here reading! : )

  3. Hi Aviva! On my Mac computer, not only is the font larger on your Feb 17th post, but it was an entirely DIFFERENT font! Don’t know if that is true for others. I like the larger font, but it it not a real issue for me (the font on the Feb 17th blog was what I’d call “Chalkboard” ..if that is of any help.
    May your latest pregnancy go easy for you!

  4. Hi Avivah,
    It is funny that you have brought this up. A couple of posts ago I started readig and stopped because I didnt feel like squinting to read the small font. I wondered if this was due to the fact that I never wear my glasses or the font itself. I am sure wearing my glasses would help but I am happy to hear that the font is indeed small. The last post was easir to read and I am very happy that you have returned in your heard to your calling. You are an amazing teacher and I truly miss your classes.
    Shavuah Tov

  5. It isn’t necessary for YOU to modify the font size. Instead it is much easier to provide instructions for people to change the settings in their browser. Your font size looks fine to me because my browser is set to Zoom in to the degree that’s comfortable for my vision (I’m near-sighted and my husband is far-sighted, so I’ll want to view it Zoomed IN and he’ll want to see it Zoomed OUT). If you manually code the font size, then people who have their browsers set to a Zoom percentage comfortable for them will have to reduce/enlarge it just to read your blog – and then change the settings for everything else. If everyone uses scalable fonts (which is what’s built in to your WordPress theme), then the experience is better for the user.

    You can add this to your About Page – or create a separate “Tech Info” or “Viewing this Blog” or “Helpful hints” page. For example:

    I want you to enjoy your reading experience at my blog and am using scalable fonts for your benefit. If you’d like to view the font larger or smaller please follow these instructions depending on the browser you’re using:

    Firefox, click View > Zoom > Zoom In (and keep clicking until the font is comfortable) – or Zoom Out if you want it smaller.

    Internet Explorer, click View > Zoom > Zoom In or Zoom Out or the percentage you want.

    Google Chrome, click the Wrench > Select the desired Zoom %

  6. I read blogs on my iPad which makes it very easy to zoom on anything that’s too small. That being said, I noticed the font was small when I looked once on a “real” computer. I don’t see why your readers can’t just adjust their own browser settings.

  7. The larger font size is significantly easier to read,but if you have to change it at every paragraph its not worth the effort on your end. As others have said – readers can zoom in.

  8. Control plus or control while scrolling with the wheel on a mouse in FF also increases the size.

    If you want me to edit your CSS (assuming you have capability to do so in your theme’s editor), just send me an email. It won’t take me more than a minute :)

  9. so funny that i just read this — i do web development, including wordpress, so i took a quick look at your css!! when you go to the editor (appearance–>editor from the panel) and click “stylesheet (style.css)” on the bottom, find the line that reads
    .entry {float: right; display: block; width: 350px; margin: 0;}
    and add the text “font-size: 125%;” (or whatever percent you’d like to increase by) before the closing bracket so it now reads
    .entry {float: right; display: block; width: 350px; margin: 0; font-size: 125%;}
    i think that will do it!

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