Another family member makes aliyah to Karmiel!

This morning, my mother and her husband arrived in Israel at 7 on a NBN group flight, and then we had the privilege of welcoming them to Karmiel (where they will be living)!

There’s been a lot involved in the aliyah process – I guess that’s true of everyone – and though there are some important details that we had hoped to have worked out before they arrived that didn’t yet coalesce (living arrangements!), we’re glad they’re here!


2 thoughts on “Another family member makes aliyah to Karmiel!

  1. Mazal Tov! May their aliyah be smooth and may they find a suitable Kupat Cholim takes for their health needs. If they have American insurance, do not abandon that. If they need medicines not available locally, no sweat. You can import them from the US or Canada.

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