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Tisha B’Av is a very hard day.  That’s appropriate, being it’s the saddest day in Jewish history, but it’s more meaningful when there’s something to help you focus on  the significance of the day.

It’s typical of most Jewish communities that there are organized programs and video showings during the day to help people connect with the meaning of Tisha B’Av.  Here in Karmiel, the Young Israel will be having kinos with explanations after shacharis (dh will be speaking then along with several other local rabbis), and then there will be several video presentations for Tisha B’Av.  These will include a children’s video (being shown at two different times), as well as two different video presentations for adults, featuring well-known speakers.

There are also lots of online resources to help you find meaning in the day.  I plan on watching some of these with the kids; I have to take Yirmiyahu for blood work this morning and that’s going to be as much going out as I’m up for.

http://www.ou.org/ – Today there will be a live webcast of Kinos – Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb’s talk will start at 9 am Jerusalem time.

http://www.kiruv.com/video.php – One Soul, The Road Home, Wiping a Tear, From the Ashes – all suitable for Tisha B’Av

http://vimeo.com/46423843 – Unsettled: Disengagement from Gaza (Expulsion from Gush Katif) – thank you to Chaya Yehudis for mentioning this, it’s very tragic but important and we’ll definitely watch this (when the littles take a nap)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNnwZNwRbdk – Wake the Dawn: The Story of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple

There are online lectures about Tisha B’Av at a number of websites, such as torahanytime.com and naaleh.com, and you can find short inspirational or informational articles or videos at aish.com.  There are lots of other websites; I’m just listing a couple to get you started if you’re interested.

Please feel free to add suggestions, ideally with links, that you’ve found powerful.


6 thoughts on “Tisha B’Av videos

  1. Avivah,
    There is a video about Gush Katif, called unsettled which Aish had a link to. I think I cried the most of anything I have ever seen which resonates most recently with Tisha Be’Av for me. Also a lot of hope and helped me understand a lot of what goes on in Israel in terms of Ideologies which stop the geulah. Worth viewing, even for children I think.

    1. Do you have a link for this? I’ve looked for it but no luck finding it so far. I did find this eleven minute video about the Gush expulsion which was also disturbing.

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