31 for 21 – A restaurant owned by young man with T21

Today is the tenth day of 31 for 21, a blogging effort to raise awareness about Trisomy 21.  Click here to check out other bloggers who are participating!

We all have a picture of what children will Down sydrome look like.  Most of us think we know what we can expect of them socially, academically and professionally.  I always made a point to smile at and thank the young man with T21 who bagged my groceries at the supermarket and thought how nice it was that the store owners were so progressive about hiring people with disabilities.  In the last three months, my estimation of what individuals with T21 can accomplish has shot up.

Tim Harris is a young man who was a high school homecoming king, a college graduate, and is now the owner and manager of his own restaurant – and he has T21.  Watch this beautiful 2.5 minute video or read here to learn a little bit more about this young man’s accomplishments.

I loved watching this!  People like this help change our communal expectations regarding individuals with T21.  And for me, as the mother of a baby boy with T21, it gives me tremendous hope and encouragement.


4 thoughts on “31 for 21 – A restaurant owned by young man with T21

    1. Oh, gosh, watching that made me cry. It’s so hard even knowing that they’re actors playing a part to see them verbally abusing someone with T21 like that. It made me think about what I would say or do in that situation.

      1. I apologize, Avivah. I had no intention of getting you upset. I just thought you would enjoy seeing how far that actor with T21 had come. I think that most people are much more sensitive than the way those actors behaved, and I thought seeing how others stood up for him was really heartwarming.

  1. No, don’t apologize at all! I really enjoyed seeing this and I’m so glad you linked to it. It’s just that when I think of people making fun of Yirmiyahu in the future, it really distresses me. I know this acted out scenario is a real one for people with T21.

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