Southern Israel under relentless rocket siege

My kids (ages 6 and up) all came home yesterday talking about the latest news – Israel is at war.

Southern Israel has been under rocket attack for months from terrorists located within Israel, and the government of Israel has finally moved definitively to protect its citizens.  Can you imagine what it’s like to live under constant fear, regularly hearing missile warning sirens, racing to bomb shelters, not knowing if it’s safe to walk to the local park or store?  That’s been the reality of Israelis in the south for a long time now, with all of the attendant stresses and trauma.

As of a couple of days ago, the terrorists have stepped up their attacks and over 200 missiles have fallen in the area in just two days.  Remember that Israel is a tiny country the size of the state of New Jersey.  This is a very concentrated attack on a small area, affecting a million people.    People are fleeing the south and homes across the country are being opened up to host them.

Here is a statement from the Prime Minister of Israel explaining very briefly about the launch of Operation Pillar of Defense.

Please keep the many families being affected by this in your thoughts and prayers.


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